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Woke up on a regular morning like anyone else, turn over my boyfriend is fast asleep, I head into the kitchen to make breakfast for the both of us when I heard my phone buzz on the kitchen island, "Private Number" the screen read, that only meant one thing, 'why can't I ever get a break around huh?'

So I picked up, "Good morning Mr. Mayor how may I be of service to you today"

"Well I'm sorry to both you Hawkgirl on your much needed vacation but I'm afraid I'll need you one more time, if you don't mind"

"What seems to be the problem?"

"Uh well, just look out your window"

I looked out my window to see what is normally a sunny sky turned to a swirling purple vortex. "When did it start?"

"Just now"

"Damn, I'll be by city hall in a few seconds"

I went into my room and had a quick shower and headed to my room to suit up. When I went into my room Elijah had woken up, "don't tell me you're working on your much needed vacation?" "Sadly but yes" "well then I'm coming with"

The point of being a superhero dating a vampire is that no one is supposed to know but he is assertive that way, but you gotta love him.

"Sam do you think you need back up?" "Yea something tells me I can afford to be alone on this one after what happened last time"

Last time I went to keep some butt for the city I got harpoons through my wings, I guess no one knows how much that hurts to take out and recover completely. Let's just say the healing time was expedited shall we.

Once I was all suited up, Elijah and I left the house separately, he would drive as not to expose himself beforehand and I flew on over while his brother Niklaus and his sister Rebekah and their associates Marcel and Davina and two strong hybrids from Klaus' army back in New Orleans.

When we all got there outside of city hall waiting on the mayor to come to tell us what's going on, we see another group congregating outside near us as well.

'From what I saw I could tell who everyone was, Hulk, Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, Storm and Cyclops. Now I'm wondering why I'm here since he brought in all these posers on my turf already without saying anything.'

I flew on up to where the Mayor's office was but something caught my eye and it wasn't the married Mayor and his errand boy but a ferocious tsunami was heading towards Beauregard Boulevard I swooped back down to my team, and we huddled and had a mini meeting, "now I see what we are up against physically but we don't know what could have caused these disasters"

"Klaus I need you to do one thing for me"

"Now what could that be, and how do I benefit?"

"Well for starters you would be able to go back to your daughter in one piece"

His nostrils flared at my threat

"Do you dare threaten me?"

"No I promise you that if you don't do this one thing for me you will go back to New Orleans to Cami in pieces"

His eyes twitched, knowing I struck a chord on his heart strings he wised up.


"Now I need you to go up and get the mayor down here like yesterday."

In a space of five seconds the mayor was downstairs by the skin of his teeth.

"Okay Mr Mayor care to tell Hawkgirl as to why you took her off her vacation when you already had a team put together for this disaster" Klaus drawled.

"Well this needed more than the team I assembled, you see I need one for the sky storm and the tsunami, so do what you have and same are city"

"Whatever you say sir" Hulk's team said

We rushed off into the unnatural disasters confidently, but I decided call in a little extra back of my own,

"Hello Jane, what can I do for you?"

"Well Barry remember that favor I could ask for at anytime?"


"It's about that time, I need you out here with Carbon Monoxide combating antigens and a Tachion containment field, how soon can you get here?"

I got a dial tone

"I'm already here"

"Knew I could count on you"

Barry set up the Carbon Monoxide combating antigens to be thrown into the tsunami. After the antigens went into the sea the other team jumped into right after trying to defuse the tsunami from the inside and lost their lives.

My team with the addition of Barry we successfully defeat the disasters that threatened our town.


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