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Ever since there has been life in the universe, there has been an ancient race of aliens known as the Flargargarh. The planet where the Flargargarh live has been dying for centuries, and to save it, they have had to use their incredibly high tech weapons to go to other planets and collect a special type of organic matter in order to power the planet's core.

Bear with me.

Recently the Flargargarh started towards planet earth, discovering that the planet had an abundance of the material they need to power their planet's core. Of course the Justice League were prepared for a battle, and travelled quickly to the Watchtower to prepare for battle. A quick analysis of the ships coming towards earth told the league that the aliens had an incredibly high level of technology, and they knew they would need Cyborg to come with them and disrupt the alien technology, so Superman said, "Someone else must stay behind on the Watchtower and make sure the Moon doesn't get stolen again." Batman turned to him and said, "Surely the Anti-Villain League will be able to handle it?" But Superman laughed and said, "It's best not to trust humans. Why don't you stay Bruce?" Batman was reluctant, but allowed them to go without him. He transported back to earth to deal with a breakout from Arkham Asylum.

The Justice League arrived at the Flargargarh fleet and found the aliens ready for them. On their planet there was an abundance of Kryptonite, and they actually laced some of it into the metal used to make their ships. Superman was instantly disabled, and the rest of the league were unable to handle the aliens, due to their computers taking Cyborg out quickly. The alien fleet captured the league and carried on to earth, where they quickly teleported all of the humans into holding cells on their ships. The earth was left empty and ripe for the aliens to come down and start taking the items they needed, they had even programmed in all animal DNA into separate teleporters, obtaining all known animal species on the planet so it was completely empty... except that there was one species they could not obtain DNA for... Minions! The minions, confused at the sudden disappearance of Gru and all the other humans, were having a "Gelato" party. Batman was still on earth, and quickly realised the minions were all that was left.

He went to them and said, "Minions, I need your help." The minions and looked at each other and said "Papoy." Translation: No.

However, as soon as the minions said it, the aliens arrived, seeking a huge quantity of the minerals that they had tracked to that location. Suddenly they suck up all of the bananas, including one that one of them was about to eat.

Batman yells to the minions, "They want the bananas!" And the minions go absolutely insane. They quickly destroy the aliens, due to the minions being indestructible, and regain the bananas. Batman promises them all of the bananas they could ever need if they help him, and so begins one of the greatest destruction scenes in film history, as the minions swarm over the fleet of Flargargarh ships, devouring everything in their path until they reach the banana. Batman goes to follow them, only to find that the Flargargarh, in an attempt to defeat him, released the Joker from the holding cells. They fight in the traditional style, and as the fleet of ships collapses around them, Batman throws himself off of a cliff holding the Joker, saving Bob in the process. The Justice League were unfortunately killed during the rescue, but as the world returns to normal, they are replaced.

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