ByLaurie Strode, writer at

I'm so happy to write about a article of another awesome youtuber and been checking his movie reviews for years. MrParka is not like any other movie reviewer on youtube especially in the horror genre.

He spends most of his time talking about Independent Horror Films from all style and genres and he is great at it giving his 100% honest opinion good or bad without sucking up to the company that he may buy or even get sent these movies by the studios them self.

Mr. Parka always kept it real and even have time to comment to other youtubers which shows his respect to let people know he could interact.

I say to people you have to subscribe to him because all these independent horror movies you see mostly on with there cool horror cover or poster art selling for over $15.00 dollars or so.

Speaking for myself GhettoPizzaBX are really shitty and a waste of money so one day I got tired of it but then I spoted Mr.Parka who is willing to spend his time and energy in talking about them and thanks to him now I could judge for myself if it is worth buying them.

Check him out the link above and here is a example of a video below.


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