The Inhumans, most likely my favorite Superhero group. This consists of people who have been granted powers and sometimes deformities from a power source called Terrigen Mist. This was released by Black Bolt in the comics, when he battles Thanos. The Inhumans live in a hidden city called Attilan. They want to stay away from normal humans to prevent being hunted. If they are found, they are able to move their city to a different location. They have been a huge plot help such as the TV series Marvel [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](tag:722469) But most importantly, they serve a big role in Battle World, which is the new comic series for Secret Wars. Medusa is currently Doom's right hand woman in the storyline. They are finally found in a comic issue where an Inhuman, Crystal, marries Quicksilver and has a baby. And I am proud to say, they are getting there own movie! So, here are my theories.

What Villains?

So in the comics, The Inhumans face a lot of villains, but 2 of these villains keep appearing. This is Hydra and Maximus. Hydra wants all the Inhumans, because once they have become one, the Inhumans are extremely valuable. They want to run tests on them to see if this can help them with their struggle to rule the world. The one leader of Hydra I think we will see most is Madame Hydra and Dr. Jensen. Madame Hydra most likely will be the one attacking the Inhumans, with of course the Hydra army with her. Dr. Jensen will either be by her side or in a lab already running the variables of the Inhumans. Though, she does have some weaponry, such as her energy beam guns. She refers to them as "The Weapon of The Gods." This weapon is introduce in the 1st issue of The Avengers "Operation Hydra" comic series. So, Hail Hydra.

Maximus could be the main villain because while everyone else is cautious about humans, he is extremely cautious. He secretly has a giant missile under the foundations of Attilan. He also attempts to keep the Inhumans from even setting a foot outside by breaking their force fields. He never actually does it in the comics, but it could be possible that he will try to kill any humans that have seen Attilan. He plans to kill all the humans so that the Inhumans can live in peace and not have to live near any borders. The reason I will enjoy seeing him as the villain is because in the movie it can deal for a huge plot twist. You see, Maximus is the leader of the Inhumans' leader, Black Bolt. This lead to a harder fight, for now Balck Bolt would try to fight without hurting his brother, and a single whisper can destroy the whole city of Attilan. Other than that, my theory is that Hydra will be the main villain throughout the movie, and then towards middle/end Maximus is shown a traitor.

Some Will Die

I think that at one point Black Bolt will have no choice but to use his voice. When he does, I bet that the enemy will be defeated, but maybe one of the main villains won't be alive. I can also see on of the Inhumans dieing, mainly because they are being hunted by the villains. If it is not a main Inhuman, then i can see background Inhumans being the one to die. Or, it could be a secondary main character, most likely Karnak or Naja. Perhaps one could die to signal the betrayal of Maximus, or in the early attacks of Hydra. I could see Medusa killing some crew members of Hydra, or being the one to be killed off. If Medusa is killed off, then this can back up my theory the Black Bolt will yell in the movie, angry that she is dead. Also, I would like to see Maximus presumed dead, like Loki at the end of Thor. If there is a sequel, Maximus could come back.

Miss Marvel Will Be In The Movie

So the story of Miss Marvel is that she is an Inhuman but, she does not live with the Inhumans nor work with them, unless it is a collaboration of them together to stop a villain. She merely is a solo hero. In the new comic series, she is part of the All-New All-Different Avengers, but I don't think the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) will follow any story line of that. It could be a possibility that she be called to help, or that she has already been fighting Hydra, and has folowed Hydra to Attilan. After the war between the villains and heroes are over, I could see the Inhumans trying to get Miss Marvel on their team, but her refusing. She has her own life ahead of her. I do think that she will be one of the main characters of the story, and will follow her and Inhumans in seperate parts before they meet.

And thus is the end of this article!


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