ByLaurie Strode, writer at

Hate or Love his work he show and prove and walk the walk without a doubt he is the best anime / manga reviewer in the youtube anime community better yet the only one in my opinion.

I'm surprise no one ever hire him to have his own tv show.

Subscribe to Forneverworld because he could talk about anime and manga in well details and talk popular animes like one piece, naruto without being a crazed out fanboys or fangirls you see in other youtube anime community page without knowing there flauts.

Forneverworld even talks about the underated animes and manga that no one wouldn't talk about or never heard of yet.

Giving you the latest news and update of what is going on in the anime & manga world and so on.

Forneverworld is without a doubt one of a kind and original this will explain why his fan base is big and and got a huge subscriber following.

Check him out the link about for his youtube channel.


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