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Worthy Remake.......IMO
Worthy Remake.......IMO


I went into this film with an open mind. Considering Poltergeist 1 premiered in 1982, and how much technology has changed since then. This was sure to be CGI heavy with evil spirits being the focus. Being an 80's baby and growing up with the original. I don't have high expectations for another Hollywood remake or reboot. The casting overall was satisfactory. Casting a comedian(Sam Rockwell plays a goof in most roles) was kind of odd. He plays Craig T. Nelson's character from the original. Rockwell had a serviceable performance, although I would've chosen somebody else. Someone who has a little more range. All in all, his character didn't make or break the film or ruin it.

The actual Poltergeist that haunts this family and house were terrifying. The director made them feel as if thousands of souls are reaching out for their prey. The CGI made this film what it was, which is a new take on an old story. Using flat-screen TV's as a way for the daughter to communicate to her family after she is abducted seems to add more terror to the situation. Instead of the box television sets from 30 plus years ago lol. The scenes where the poltergeists are attacking made my wife jump numerous times, and she doesn't get scared easy. The way they made it look like a dark mist or a black/grey cloud was coming for you. And the way they made it look like they were physically reaching out for their prey with hands made the paranormal attack that much more frightening . I sure as hell wouldn't want to be in a house possessed by Poltergeists.

The story and plot is fairly identical to the original. Watching this film in 3D would make this scarier IMO. I viewed it in HD and it still gave me goosebumps. If I saw this in 3D, it just may have made me pee my pants!

The cast includes:

Sam Rockwell as Eric Bowen

Rosemarie DeWitt as Amy Bowen

Jared Harris as Carrigan Burke

Jane Adams as Dr. Brooke Powell

Saxon Sharbino as Kendra Bowen

Kyle Catlett as Griffin Bowen

Kennedi Clements as Madison Bowen

Nicholas Braun as Boyd

Susan Heyward as Sophie

If you like horror/drama films, I suggest this update to the popular classic. If you grew up watching the original Poltergeist I highly recommend this one. Of course it's not winning any Oscars. But it does keep you entertained and your eyes glued.


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