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I have to say that despite the bland & just plain awkward ad campaign for Jurassic World, the movie was as thrilling a sequel yet! It is a much needed addition that effectively revives what was once a stale franchise, & for that I am truly grateful. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the film from start to finish! That said, I won't be critiquing the film but instead will try to decipher exactly where the next installment will take us, & how they can avoid the same fate that plagued 2 & 3. So now the series has been effectively rebooted & the park is a wasteland again the question is, where do we go from here? Will they attempt to pull off what Spielberg tried to in Jurassic Park 2 & attempt to reclaim InGen's dino assets? Now to some extent the next movie will have to somewhat include the idea of getting back to the park, as they cannot skip ahead & repeat Jurassic World's plot over again, but just how many reasons can there be to keep going back? I believe that now with the revelation of Henry Wu as the real villain & InGen the enabler of his madness, the series is now more about stopping Wu then simply getting the island back up & running. So the next movie must be a progression of the underlying theme present in this new movie, weaponized genetic modification. That's a mouthful haha! I believe this story is too invested in the story of mad science so to just drop Wu & InGen's catastrophic experiments as a tangent, makes no sense to say the least.

What other monsters has Wu cooked up & are they only dinosaurs? What if this new installment wasn't dino-centric but focused on bringing down InGen & their new endeavors? What if corporate is no longer concerned with mere dinosaurs but now with engineering evolution itself? This would open up Jurassic Park to dive far deeper then the movies had previously shown & more to the heart of what Michael Crichton was speaking to. Mad Science! Sure the dinosaurs were the delivery method to exemplify man's chaotic nature but not the point of the story & this central conflict. The question namely being, should we be doing this type of thing? So the new challenge is how does Jurassic Park somewhat get away from just dinosaurs while still remaining true to the series? I believe that regardless of how this will be executed, the focal point moving forward has to be to first deal with InGen. The defense contractor with an ego rivaling god's own, has been responsible for every single accident to date & it's up to Owen Grady & Claire Dearing to end their genetic reign of terror.

Now, a couple different scenarios for the two upcoming installment. First, suppose InGen left a piece of incriminating evidence of a conspiracy, possibly the same one Hotchkins alluded to with Wu, & our heroes must race to claim it before InGen does. This is perhaps the best way to still include the park while making the primary focus still on taking down Wu & his agents. Perhaps this is only the beginning of this story & later we are introduced to a new island where all of Wu's crazy experiments are kept, much like in The Island of Dr. Moreau. Here we could see all of the crazy human-dino concept art meant for the first Jurassic World draft put to work & really take this series to a whole new level of madness. Here we could see the military "applications" of Wu's work, as well as reserves of dinosaurs meant to repopulate a new park in order to continue funding Wu's experiments. Another scenario simply could be an attempt to obstruct InGen's efforts to reclaim the park & finally end man's delusions of controlling nature. Maybe InGen already sold Indomi-Raptors to the highest bidder & now the issues are more about global warfare, & stopping these new dino hybrids on a larger scale. You can tell it is going to be very difficult in these new films to stay away from this subject now that the series has escalated the way it has. "There's no going back," so to speak. Maybe however, it will have to involve doing studies on the animals made at Jurassic World to better understand what Wu has done? At least this way we still get to include the 'Jurassic' element of series. Perhaps the dinosaurs are spreading new diseases & InGen wants to weaponize them? There are so many possibilities but are there enough compelling reasons to want to bring us back to the park? It's hard to say but one thing is for certain though, & that is that InGen is up to no good & it's up to our heroes to stop whatever they're cooking up next! Whether they be more dinosaurs or something entirely new, I am excited to see just where Crichton's original ideas take us!

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