ByAmanda Tarn, writer at

Hi guy'show im new,like yeah whatever "Ho Cares",ME,ok so

1-Make a Playlist(you guys may think is strange but you actually remember some old musics)

2-Create A Drawing with a sudun scrach in the paper

3-Follow the first person ho passes your front

4-Annoy your siblings with a theme song you just created

5-Talk to your friends backwords

6-Ask stupid questians(i do that every day so...)

7-Say your opinion of random chanels out loud

8-Make a horrible drawing of someone(not the same one from 20)

9-Write weard things in paper and post the thro your village,shos etc...

10-Gasp every time someone pases you

So it was a Quick Post HUH.See you next time.


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