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The Disaster

At 12:00 am the entire world witnessed the sun flare out and the skies around the planet ripped open to revealed the vast darkness of space. Leaving people on the planet terrified at the event that was taking place before their eyes causing civil unrest across the globe. But the most bizarre occurrence of them all was the 3 earth like planets that appeared within visual sight of our own solar system. Every planet bearing life similar to our own but with major differences to our DNA intake. NASA, and our own U.S. government, as well as U.N., and other governments around the world in all four planets were in awe because of the events that were transpiring leaving them in a unresponsive state of terror and amusement. Only thing we could do is establish communication with the other earths.

About 5 hours into the event huge city sized UFOs appear all over the world on all four earths. Hovering over every major city. But it would be the Vatican who would play ambassador to these extraterrestrials. At 6:00 am the Pope Francis gave a speech that further made things all the more frightening for the people of the four earths. Pope Francis speech was one of biblical proportions reiterating for the people of earths that some events of the bible are indeed true. And so are the existence of the 1st sons of God, the Angels. Who else would introduce a villain such as this besides the Vatican. After the pope finished his creepy concerning message of surrendering our free will to unite the worlds in worship against an oncoming threat. At 7:45 the Pope introduced Lucifer.

Lucifer stands before the world on the balcony in Vatican city. Lucifer warned the worlds that him and his army was the only way the worlds would survive the soon to come invading threat. By surrendering to his rule by way of the Vatican. Those who surrendered will know no harm, and for those who resist will be dealt with accordingly and then we were giving 6 months to comply and disarm. Lucifer then withdrew to his ship until 6 months would pass. This immediately sent the media and social media into a frenzy causing the world to split into 2 factions. The 1st was the governing faction called the NWO allied with Lucifer and the Vatican. And the other was called New Alliance they resisted against the Vatican and Lucifer.

The NWO took control of all 4 planets and vast amount of their resources, weapons, and Technology. Through U.N control they are the new governing bodies of all 4 planets. They pretty much ruled the world through Vatican oversight.

New Alliance are the resistance they hold strongholds around the worlds in key areas on all 4 planets. they have even the playing field with a nano armor that enhance the wearers physical abilities.

The 4 Earths

  • Earth 1.1 Our realm of existence. NWO, New Alliance Universe
  • Earth 2.1 Marvel Universe.
  • Earth 3.1 DC Universe.
  • Earth 4.1 Dragon ball Universe .

Meeting of the Worlds Mightiest

Justice League

The Avengers

Team Z.

All champions meet with one another in Avengers tower. Here we see legends meet face to face Superman talks with Thor, Goku converses with Iron fist, Batman gets to know Iron man, Reed Richards picks the mind of Mr. Terrific and Bulma and well you get the picture. Captain America started the meeting but asking " So what do we know about this Lucifer and how do we combat him but most importantly what is going to do in 6 months". Then Reed Richards, Mr. Terrific, Bulma and Professor WJ Watkins gave descriptive Information concerning Lucifer and his armies and their pawns. But unlike anything they ever face before Lucifer power levels were unheard of to all the champions. All faces in the building was filled with fear. Except one mans face, terror was replaced with a childish grin of nervous excitement.

The Bad Guys.

Demonic General legion Grey.

Demonic Legion General Reptilian.

Their Nephilim hybrids.

Nephilim warrior (Bigfoot).

Nephilim Entity warrior (Slender-Man).

Nephilim Tank (The Rake).

Nephilim warrior (Mermaids).

Nephilim Entity of old Telekinetic warrior (Ghost).

Nephilim Brute (Jersey Devils).

The NWO ruled by Vatican.

Lucifer and The Fallen.

After they 6 months ended Lucifer unleashed his legions loose against all who resisted his ruled on all 4 planets. Battles ensued driving the rest of the champions into further hiding. Lucifer began his rule merging the 4 worlds killing billions in the process. The remaining champions that made it out of the 1st phase of this war retreated to Kame's lookout with more saviors pouring in. Lucifer then made another decree. Stating the following "In two years I will whip out all resistance, So I say to you now conform to my rule or parish".

Kame's lookout- Goku and Blue Marvel trains.

While on kame's lookout the champions eagerly come up with solutions to this Lucifer problem because they cannot afford another run in with him or his legions. Then Blue marvel and Nova arrives and after months of planning they decide to use the hyperbolic time chamber to train but not before Professor X, Tony Stark, Mr. Terrific, Bulma, and Reed Richards upgraded it with virtual war room A.I enhancements. Blue Marvel and Goku split a year doing 6 months a piece. And the rest of the champions shared the remaining year. Captain America, Batman, and Iron man lead the rest of minor power champions throughout the 4 worlds collecting and forging powerful weapons, every last champion needed some serious upgrades. So it was.

Final Conflict- Blue Marvel and Goku v.s Lucifer.

Goku unknown power level.

Blue Marvel unknown power level.

Lucifer dark armor power level God presents.

The champions completed their journey 4 months early so they meet up to go over the plans. Captain America, and Batman agrees that they should attack 1st beats waiting to die. This is it what they've been fighting for all along to face this ultimate villain of all history. The plan was a success every remaining champions fought to protect the world in one last forceful effort to buy Blue Marvel and Goku enough time to get to Lucifer. And Indeed they did reached him then the battle ensued handling their own enraged Lucifer so he used a technique called dark trinity splitting himself into 2 other beings Called The Devil and Beelzebub with equal abilities. after hours of battle the 1st to fall was Beelzebub, Then Day 3 of battle The Devil fell injuring Goku to the point of death.

Blue marvel v.s Lucifer

Lucifer fallen unclean form.

For months the battle continues all across the world and just when Blue Marvel is on the ropes Lucifer starts his monologue. "You are beneath me and to think he wanna me to serve this weak molding of dirt", back handing Marvel threw a skyscraper. "As I told he who sits on the throne I would rather serve myself", hitting Marvel in the upper back with a double axe handle as Marvel tried to stumble to his feet cause a creator 100 ft deep with a 60 mile radius. "I managed to tear you from your brother through hatred and indifference of pigmentation, once that was achieved I then plucked his greatest creation from the head of his household and rest was history". Lucifer huge hands palms Marvel head picking him up. "Now what is the term your brother uses to describe you wwhat.... is it now awwww... nigger your done",. But before Lucifer landed his blow Marvel finds the power to block then attack responding. "You know until now I hated that word", hitting Lucifer with a right cross breaking his grip. "But hearing the true origins of it's purpose makes me hate you even more", connecting with left hook knocking Lucifer to his knees. "It is also through him I was able to persevere through all my trails", uppercutting him into orbit spiraling out of control. "Now I finish this Blue Marvel screams the words that would bring utter destruction by hands "Dragon kaaameehaamehaaaaa"! obliterating Lucifer physical form.



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