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Before now I've "ranted" about this topic between Youtube and Internet comments, but decide to try on a website that I use a lot, so please excuse me if I make a mistake for this is my first post.

But I digress, I hear this topic all the time. Every time something about MARVEL comes out something bad about them or better about DC has to be said and the same on the other side of the spectrum. It has happened since the beginning of MARVEL's first shot at rivaling the already popular DC. Now I love both these companies and have spots in my heart for both sides, but what I'm hear to tell you is that no matter what company you prefer we need to support both at least in the movie world. Now their are some DC and MARVEL fans that prefer to ignore the other, there are those movie fans out there that despise the superhero movie franchise and are waiting for it to crash and burn so that romance and other genres can take over and go back to when being a nerd and geek wasn't cool, at least out in public, while we in-fight about which universe is better. Now I'm sure that every MARVEL fan can find something in DC and vise versa. So if you have some personal vendetta against a superhero then don't see their movie but don't help bring down or miss out on a movie because of a certain company. I will support both MARVEL and DC's cinematic universes and movies until they stop making them, I hope you'll be out their with me.


Am I on to something?


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