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Collins Vincent

Another horror movie is making its way to the silver screen in 2016, courtesy of James wan's all seeing eye. Lights out is an upcoming horror-thriller based on the short-film of the same name that involves a women who must contend with a malevolent entity when the lights go out. Wan took interest in the short and immediately began fast-tracking a full-length feature that he would produce,but not direct. Teresa Palmer will star as the lead female protagonist.

Here's the plot synopsis:

A young boy and his estranged sister are confronted by an evil entity that only appears when the lights are out.

The concept for this movie seems basic to some degree, but the short film must have wowed alot of people for it to be chosen for a full-length feature film by one of Hollywood's youngest horror maestros. Lights out probably pulls this off so well due to sharp execution of a simple concept. The film will have to be twice as good as the short in order to win over audiences who may have already watched the short and those who's only exposure to the material will be the feature film. Box office could be a bit of a guessing game, but the film could make a significant return since it might be on a micro-budget which could give it room to breath during the crowded 2016 film season.


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