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"Déjà vu - is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced, has already been experienced in the past, whether it has actually happened or not"

"Skyrim is no more. The current emperor, Titus Mede II, has issued an imperial decree ordering the other provinces of High Rock, Hammerfell, Summerset Isle, Valenwood, Elsweyr, Black Marsh, Morrowind, and the ancient Imperial province itself, Cyrodiil to close all borders to anything and anyone coming from the Old Kingdom".

"Hordes of undead riding dragon corpses have decimated Skyrim and this soulless army is lead by... an Archdemon?". "And who is that riding the Archdemon?"

"This figure is looking at me, staring in to my soul, opens his mouth and I see some strange symbols being burned in to my heart and suddenly... nothing".

"What or where is this Skyrim?".

"What does it mean?"
"What does it mean?"

The Inquisitor wakes up, sweating and distraught, in the Skyhold chambers. Thinking that all of it was a bad dream, the Inquisitor looks at the hand that holds the Anchor and notices that it's active.

"Was it only a dream or something else?
"Was it only a dream or something else?

Puzzled, the Inquisitor meets with Solas (an elven apostate Hedge mage but most importantly, an expert on the Fade) and asks him what does this dream mean.

The Inquisitor explains as best as possible the events in the dream and Solas, worried, tells the Inquisitor that with all things Fade related, some locations and events can be recreated and given a different interpretation by demons and spirits. They copy locations, objects, people and concepts of the real world, often in a cruel or confusing way. Maybe this Skyrim land is a twisted version of Thedas. And about the symbols, Solas has no idea what they mean.

The Inquisitor asks Solas if it's possible to visit other lands using the fade. Solas says that physically it's impossible but his consciousness might be able to make the passage and recreate this land he saw. Of course, he risks to get lost and remain asleep forever. Solas reluctantly agrees to help the Inquisitor since he also wants to know why the Anchor reacted to the dream. Is the fade trying to warn the Inquisitor?.

The Inquisitor, laying on the bed, signals Solas that everything is ready for him to start a ritual that will allow the Inquisitor to control his actions while in the fade.

The Inquisitor, now sleeping, tries to recreate this land he saw but is unable to do so and ends up just walking through the fade. If he can't visualize the land named Skyrim, does that mean it is real?. After a while, the Inquisitor notices a massive black figure flying over him. A dragon, here!? Impossible.

Unfortunately, the Anchor reacts to the passing of this beast, drawing the dragon's attention towards the Inquisitor. The dragon lands furiously in front of the Inquisitor, causing the Fade itself to tremble. This is the dragon of the dream and before the Inquisitor could say anything, the dragon releases a roar that sounded more like a scream: Dur-neh-viir

The Curse-Never-Dying
The Curse-Never-Dying

The Inquisitor wakes up but not at Skyhold and with no signs of Solas. The Inquisitor notices being inside of what looks like a dank cave and waking up high above the ground in what it looks like an altar and the Inquisitor is the main offering. The Inquisitor notices some individuals wearing robes, fighting an individual clad in armor, wielding sword and shield. The Inquisitor hears no sound coming from the battle and he tries to walk towards the commotion, the Inquisitor is met with a wall of energy that doesn't allow any progress forward.

"Easy there. You don't want to leave without your body, now do you?". The Inquisitor turns to the side and notices a beautiful woman with eyes black as coal.

"You are part of a sacrificial ritual in my name, Vaermina – mistress of dreams and nightmares, a deliverer of evil omens and dark portents. I summoned you to this plane of existence". "The dream you had was my doing, I needed someone with your... ability to stop what's coming". The Inquisitor, confused asks Vaermina if she is a demon. Vaermina laughs.

"No, my dear. My existence is beyond your comprehension but for the sake of your sanity, this Fade of yours is other name for the Void, if that helps". "But now that you mentioned demons, one of them is the reason why you and the Dragonborn are here to meet each other". The Inquisitor not knowing what to say, asks about the Dragonborn.

"There is not time to explain. The only thing I can tell you is that this demon doesn't belong here and you will help me to get rid of it. I don't know how this happened but without your help, the Dragonborn will fail and without the Dragonborn, Skyrim will fall".

"By the way, don't be mad at that Altmer of yours. It was, after all, his idea".

"Altmer?" the Inquisitor asks. Vaermina replies: "Oh, I apologize. Altmer is the name given to the high elves. That Solas is a powerful one. And one that you should be wary of".

The Inquisitor wakes up once more and notices a massive broadsword falling towards the Inquisitor's neck. The Inquisitor manages to roll away from the impact and pleads to the Dragonborn to stop and to listen. The Dragonborn relentlessly launches attack after attack towards the Inquisitor. The Inquisitor having enough of this, remembers that Vaermina said the Fade is what the Void is known in this plane of existence. Not having other option, the Inquisitor tries to activate the Anchor and manages to open a rift in the Fade (Void?) causing the Dragonborn to stop the attack.

Before the Inquisitor could explain anything, the Dragonborn drops sword and shield and releases a powerful shout that sends the Inquisitor flying across the cave: "FUS-RO-DAH!".

The Inquisitor falls to the ground like a sack of mead and notices that the same intensity of this shout, was the same felt in the dream with that dragon. The Dragonborn approaches, ready to shout once more when the Inquisitor shouts all of a sudden:"Dur-neh-viir!"

The Dragonborn freezes. The Dragonborn asks: "How do you know that name?". The Inquisitor explains that he comes from the Fade or Void and had a dream or omen where Skyrim was destroyed by a sea of undead riding dragons. All led by an Archdemon named Durnehviir.

The Dragonborn tells the Inquisitor that Durnehviir is an undead dragon that can be summoned by the thu'um or dragon shouts, like the one used to knocked the Inquisitor down. The Dragonborn explains that a few days ago, when trying to summon Durnehviir, the th'um didn't have the same effect and it felt like empty words or as distant echo. The Dragonborn tried to reach out to Durnehviir but was unsuccessful. While passing through a nameless town, the Dragonborn heard there was a cave dedicated to the worship of Vaermina and that this group was kidnapping the townsfolk to use them for their sacrifices. The town asked the Dragonborn to purge the cave and they would give the Dragonborn food and coin for his trouble.

The Inquisitor tells the Dragonborn that it may be possible that Durnehviir is trapped in the Fade or Void. The Inquisitor also tells the Dragonborn that some strange symbols appeared in this dream and was hoping that the Dragonborn knew about them. The Inquisitor kneels on the ground and starts writing in the dirt using a branch:

The Dragonborn looks at the inscription and tells the Inquisitor that the symbols are written in Dovahzul (the Thu'um alphabet) but can not recognize the words. "The words make no sense" the Dargonborn says. "But what do they spell?" the Inquisitor desperately asks. "Xe-Ben-Keck" the Dragonborn replies.

The Inquisitor steps back in awe. The Dragonborn asks if everything is OK. "Xebenkeck is one of the four forbidden ones. Xebenkeck is not a shout. It is Desire demon" the Inquisitor explains. "And no. I'm not OK".

The Inquisitor explains that a Desire demon uses the yearnings of the victims – lust, wealth, power – to their advantage. Their abilities to affect the mind allow them to assume disguises and even alter the environment to their purposes. As a result, many who become their prey never realize it. While desire demons may resort to an outright mind control, they seem to take greater pleasure in more subtle deceit. But what would Desire demon want with a dragon?.

The Dragonborn says that this Demon is not the only one responsible. Durnehviir was once a powerful entity that once pursued an interest in Necromancy. His wish was to raise armies of undead for his own ends but was deceived. Perchance, this Demon is what Durnehviir needs to achieve his goal after all this time.

What the Dragonborn can not understand is that why a Demon would want a soulless being. What would be the benefit?. The Inquisitor tells the Dragonborn that it would be best to go immediately in to the Fade / Void and stop whatever they are planning to unleash on this and other worlds.

The Inquisitor is able to open a rift in the Fade / Void so both can go in it. Once inside, the Dragonborn shouts Durnehviir's name. The dragon roars in the distance and appears in front of both our heroes. And next to the dragon, Xebenkeck.

"No need to shout. We knew you were here", the demon ceremoniously greets them. The Inquisitor demanding an answer, questions the demon: "What do you want with this dragon?!". "Him?, nothing. I want that companion of yours. All those dragon souls within and from you, the key to move through different planes of existence".

All of a sudden we are transported to Solas room in Skyhold. Solas was meditating and wakes up after witnessing the Inquisitor and Dragonborn together in the fade facing Durnehviir and Xebenkeck.

The Inquisitor opens his door and tells Solas about a dream with a land named Skyrim and an army of the undead led by an Archdemon.

Solas looks at the Inquisitor and tells him, saddened, that with all things Fade related, some locations and events can be recreated and given a different interpretation by demons and spirits. They copy locations, objects, people and concepts of the real world, often in a cruel or confusing way.


There you have it. I hope you liked it and thank you very much for your time.


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