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Kraven the Hunter is a 'Spider-Man' villain I've always wanted to see on the big screen. Back in the Tobey Maguire era, I envisioned Ian McShane in the role. Coming off his Deadwood success, a role in a marvel movie could have potentially made him a household name. Today, I've chosen 4 eclectic actors that could potentially bring the hunter to the sliver screen. In no particular order...

4. Joel Edgerton

How you know him: Starring roles in Warrior alongside Tom Hardy, Exodus with Christian Bale, and Animal Kingdom along with Ben Mendelssohn. Edgerton has the intense edge needed to portray a world class hunter out for arachnid blood.

3. Jake Gyllenhaal

Once rumored to replace an injured Maguire for Spider-Man 2, Gyllenhaal has recently reminded us how insane he is in the recent Nightcrawler. If he could channel his inner Darko again, Jake would bring a raw and primal energy to the table.

2. Joe Manganiello

The True Blood and Magic Mike alum definitely looks the part and even has a history with the spectacular Spider-Man. Joe played school bully Flash Thompson in the first Raimi-directed Spider-Man. Fun fact of the day!

1. Jon Hamm

What can be said about Jon Hamm that hasn't already been sung on the tallest mountaintop? If you ask me though, Hamm is in desperate need to break out of the stereotypical casting bubble he's currently encased in. Hamm needs a role that reminds people that he is more than Don Draper. Maybe a villain role is the B12 shot Hamm's career needs right now.


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