ByJuan Rodriguez Jr., writer at

I have read & agreed with most of the post, I've just read about Jason Voorhees vs Michael Myers & it's a very well thought out & equally researched process! Kudos to the writer. 1 fact remains though, 1 of the facts you have mentioned about Michael Myers is he has never died in the Halloween franchise and this indeed is where the danger truly lyes! Before I go any further with this fact I like to state that these two powerhouses! Of the Horror Movie World are two of my favorites, my top two favorites in fact! Not just because I was born in 1978 the year the original Halloween movie was made or that I was born on Friday the 13th, the title of Jason Voorhees movie's, hint, hint! :-) lol but on a a serious note. Let's get back to the business at hand! Which is these two iconic, horror bad Ass'es! Voorhees vs Myers! As I stated earlier, Michael has never experienced death or in that fact even has had a chance to experience coming back from it. That's if that's even at all possible from him to come back from the grave at all, this would definitely have to been seen! With that being said, this is exactly why I choose Jason Voorhees! Friday the 13th as the Victor! True he has been killed but he always comes back! With such resilience! And the strength to come back from the dead! He has the upper hand! For even in the end life & death has not stop Mr. Voorhees! So Michael has met his match and will finally reach his death at the hands of the harbinger of Crystal lake! The father of camp blood! The 1 and only son of the original FRIDAY the 13th! Pamela Voorhees Son! JASON VOORHEES! But this is my opinion & we the fan's demand the movie! To tell us otherwise! :-) so give us the fan's want we want Mr. Carpenter! & Mr. Cunningham! Give us JASON VS MICHAEL! :-) Thank You! Sincerely Juan R. Rodriguez jr.


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