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Dust and Death Eaters

After the death of Lord Voldemort, the Death Eaters return under new leadership... Adam. He told them that there were other worlds, not just the Muggle World. A place with Crystals and dust where magic. The Death Eaters loved the idea of such a place. Adam warned of resistance from Hunters and Huntresses. So once again the Death Eaters, along with some of the magical worlds giants, dementors, and spiders, with the help of Grimm, where prepping for attack on the world of Remnant.


Sirens rang out in the kingdom of Vale. Experienced and novice Hunters and Huntresses came out into the square. Grimm were taking over. The battle seemed going well as a lot of the Hunters of Vale knew these beast well, but everything changed with a green flash. A hunter in training named Cardin collapsed as his eyes rolled back. The Death Eaters came pouring out of the portal they had made. Giants roamed the streets of Vale as Spiders attacked defenseless civilians. Things looked bleak for all of them. However, hope came as people heard the noise of Planes. From The Kingdom of Atlas came military support. Robotic soldiers rained down from the sky, shooting Death Eaters left and right. Not far away a girl named Nora fell from the sky killing a giant. As it fell with a crash, she responded " Awe... It's broken... "

Everything for the Hunters began to look good. And then the Death Eaters played their trump card. Dementors came pouring out of the portal. The robotic soldiers kept fighting Death Eaters, since they had no souls for the dementors to eat. But the living people were dropping like flies. All the surviving Hunters and Huntresses where forced into a big group. A Huntress by the name of Weiss laid down a shield of Dust.

"How are we going to defeat these freaks?!" She exclaimed.

There was a cough then raspy laughter. People moved aside to see the source. It was a dying Death Eater.

"You all are doomed! " He laughed then coughed.

Huntress Yang grabbed the scruff of his shirt, her eyes red. "Tell us how to defeat them! NOW!"

The Death Eater looked at her in fear. "H-Happiness! With everyone using their most happy memory!!"

Huntress Ruby yelled, "Only think of your happiest memory! That includes you Blake!"

With all of the fighters projecting their fondest experiences’ the dementors could not get near them and all flew away.


The surviving Death Eaters, spiders, and giants fled back through the portal. Adam cursed under his breath as he viewed the field of his defeat. He'd been conquered by the hunters and Huntresses of Vale yet again. Vale’s victory did not come without a price though. A lot of the Hunters and Huntresses died defending Vale. They served their duty with honor and integrity. They protected Humanity from evil once again.


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