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It doesn't take long for blind Vietnam veteran Ambrose McKinley to discover that there is more to the animal attacks plaguing the small retirement community of Crescent Bay than what meets the nose.

I was browsing through Netflix one night looking for a horror movie to watch when I stumbled across this gem, Late Phases. It's been a while since there has been a decent werewolf movie and I recognized Nick Damici from Stake Land (another Netflix horror that I was pleasantly surprised with), so I decided I was going to give this movie a shot.

The acting was superbly executed in Late Phases. From the very first scene of the movie, Nick Damici shines as retired Army soldier Ambrose McKinley. His terse demeanor couples with an often socially unacceptable sense of humor that keeps every line interesting.

Each actor was given a great opportunity under the direction of Adrián García Bogliano and the writing of Eric Stolze, both of whom crafted a great spin on a classic monster - the werewolf. The local law enforcement's lack of response to the "wild animal" attacks in Crescent Bay adds a subtle dash of social commentary into the mix without getting preachy about it.

The creature costumes were the only "campy" facet of the movie, though they really worked well with the audio for the werewolf. The gore was tastefully administered. All in all, I give Late Phases an 8.0. I recommend you check it out if you haven't yet. This is one of those uncommon "hidden gems" in the extensive and otherwise thoroughly exhausting Netflix horror movie catalog.

Know of any other "Hidden Gems" on Netflix or any other video service?

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