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Pop culture illustrator. Clients include Activision, Playstation, Paramount, Sony Pictures and Working Title.
Sam Gilbey

Was having a clearout/tidy up recently, and I discovered a few artist proofs of this Jaws print I created for Hero Complex Gallery's tribute show back in 2013.

For some reason I'd never put them up in my store at the time, but if you head to you can order one now. With the movie turning 40 recently, it seemed like a good time to make them available!

And of course, if it's Jaws you're into, then perhaps this new 2015 version of my 'Chores' parody may also be of interest. See below. This is also available from my big cartel store. I only have them listed at a small size at the moment, but please just email hi<@> if you'd like a larger version.

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