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Ezio auditore was on his final journey seeking the memmory discs of Altair. He crusaded through many land scapes, not to mention his old age.

Finally he reached the shores of Constantinople by his ship.But an un expected foe came across his way.

It was the Great white nicknamed 'THE JAW', which escaped from the petting zoo of Stephano Spiralbergo (purely fictional). The shark ate entire visitors of the shore of New England and since it ran out of food ,decided to pay a visit to Turkish shores.

Ezio , determined to take out the beast used the Greek fire but of no use, since it came through the other side of the ship and swallowed Ezio and his crew. Before getting assimilated into the systems of the shark he swore an oath that a time will come whence the shark shall suffer that too by the hands of his descendant, and closed his eyes for ever.




Three hundred years later, still the shark survived how , no legend can tell , but made a mistake of wandering itself into the Carribean sea, searching for more tropical fodder to feed. People stopped visiting beaches across the world. International shark database showed the 'jaws' activity increased 200 times the past 200 years.

Ezio was long forgotten but the same blood, passed through many generation, ran through the veins of this blonde lad.

He was none other than Edward Kenway, a pirate turned assassin (or vice versa)

While ordering Tequila at a local tavern, he came across the news about this megalodon threat. Since he fancied looting treasures, slashing the soldiers of the company, and above all , a fine whale hunter he thought he can give it a try.

At the same time his crewmate and navigator Adewale came to him that the shark has destroyed black beard's ship,ate his crew and left him behind since he was more hair than flesh. Ade asked Eddie not to go after this monster since they had no idea what it was and how it survived to spread fear across centuries.

"There you are mistaken laddie, there is someone here who can provide help in this matter. you savy." a voice came across the other end of the tavern

Eddie instantly realised who it was : a lunatic nut case but have seen ends of the world and adventures like no one has. It was none other than

"Captain Jack Sparrow" screamed Eddie. "Aye but we must strike a bargain for the info and help I need your eye liner mine is too messy and not water proof see its all smudgy" said Sparrow." Well then nevermind " said Eddie. "Come on Eddie I will buy you another" said Ade. "Hmm then I guess yes mate" said Addie.

Sparrow explained the situation "The beastie is controlled by Davy Jones since he no longer fancies the Krakken. To take out the jaws, we need to distract Davy Jhon. You can leave that to me as he is out there looking for me whenever i set sail to the deep waters. You can take out the shark by your skills .

And hence they set forth their journey. After a few hours they both came face to face with their respective foes. "Ready the whale boat lads" Cried Eddie from his Jackdaw. "Prepare to be boarded" Cried Jack. "Are we going into the Dutch man Cap'n?" asked Gibbs."No they are going to board black pearl and we must be prepared". said Sparrow.

The War begun. Sword met with sword. Harpoons met with the scales of the beast. As one would expect Sparrow quickly and witfully stole the Locker itself(Locker was within the ship as it was left there by the British) since the key was hidden within the tantacles of Davy Jones. As soon as the locker was with Sparrow he quit the sword play and jumped to his row boat and rowed towards Eddie's harpooning site. Meanwhile Edward was running out of harpoons but the beast has already struck two blows to the whale boat.

"We can't wound the shark fromout side it has to be done from inside. Here throw this down into its mouth when it lurch to you next time. " Sparrow said handing the locker to Edward.The locker was filled with Oxygen in high pressure and low temperature to prevent the heart from Decaying ,similar to present day oxygen cylinders. The idea was put into action and kaboom, exploded the shark. the heart was scaterred int a million pieces due to the sudden change in pressure.

The heart was destroyed by the jaws and the shark was killed Hence no one was to blame. Since captainless, The Flying Dutch man went deep down to the depths.

However the Black pearl was free to roam and the eye liner was given to sparrow. Did Edward made any profit?. as a matterof fact,yes, The only remnant part left un destroyed was its fin which Edward sold to a Supreme Chineese Soup Chef for a price more than he can imagine. Ezio's spirit was finally avenged as he had forseen.

N. B: Say No To Shark Finning


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