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Hello all! A little while back, I went on the MP Creators Facebook page and asked to take requests for which 2 celebrities people wanted to see with their faces morphed/swapped. Like I said, this was a while ago and I went into a bit of a hiatus from posting on MoviePilot, therefore never got around to making this post. But now here we are. So we got tons of requests however we only made 10 as they took quite a bit of time and effort. My friend Patrick Barton is the one who photoshopped all of these pictures, so all credit goes to him for the creation of these. I've also labelled who exactly requested them. I believe they all turned out pretty damn good. Ok I won't hold you up any longer, feel free to take a look.

10. Edward Norton + Brad Pitt

= Edward Pitt

Requested by - Sam Pellegrino

9. Brad Pitt + Edward Norton

= Brad Norton

Requested by - Sam Pellegrino

8. Ian Somerhalder + Tom Hiddleston

= Ian Hiddleston

Requested by - Randy Micah Smith

7. Tom Cruise + Channing Tatum

= Tom Tatum

Requested by - Carlos Plummer

6. Angelina Jolie + Jennifer Anniston

= Angelina Anniston

Requested by - Mel Possehl

5. Leonardo Dicaprio + Mathew McConaughey

= Leonardo McConaughey

Requested by - Darragh O'Connor

4. Samuel L. Jackson + Matt Damon

= Samuel L. Damon

Requested by - Alessandro Delgado

3. Andrew Garfield + Tobey Maguire

= Andrew Maguire

Requested by - Moses Ochs

2. Chris Pratt + Seth Green

= Seth Pratt

Requested by - Bryce Johnston

1. Chris Hemsworth + Chris Evans

= Chris Hevansworth

Requested by - Me

AND THAT'S ALL! Hope you liked it.

We hope you liked seeing those and if people want to see more posts like this with face swapping/morphing, make sure to let me know. Thank you for your time and please leave your vote in the poll below. Thanks! If these are well received, my friend and I would be more than happy to put in the effort to create more, of course from user requests.


Which Celebrity Morph is your favorite?


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