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Huge comic book fan raising my children the same way.
Michael Carline

The new Pixar movie Inside Out shows audiences what the little voices inside your head look and sound like. While that's all well and good for a comic book fan I think the voices in my head would look a little different.

Anger: The Hulk

When I think of anger I think of the Hulk. He is the definition of the word. How many of us have felt the anger build up inside of us like in the words of Tony Stark, a big green rage monster. In recent years the Hulk has been the center of some of Marvel's biggest story lines but at the heart of it all is the Hulk trying to control the anger that fuels his strength. Anger is raw and powerful monster that can dominate over all of the other emotions when left unchecked. Fortunately for us the rest of the emotions or in this case the Marvel universe is there to help keep the Hulk under control.

Fear: Professor X

Fear is that emotion that tell us to watch out for danger even when you don't see it coming. Haven't we all felt that sense of dread before we even see it coming. Almost like having an ESP like Professor Charles Xavier. Xavier is always watching out for Mutant kind and keeping them safe from dangers both perceived and unperceived. He uses both his mutant powers and Cerrebro o sign the warning of danger and quite literally become the voice in your head telling you what you should do. Also like Professor X fear gives us a heightened sense of the world around us.

Disgust: Wolverine

Disgust is that emotion that tells you what is bad in the world. We all have the tendency to see the good in the world. That is until Disgust shines the negative bright light of nastiness that we all desperately need. Wolverine is that best at what he does and that is at times take everything bright and cheerful in the Marvel universe and find the disgusting underbelly and expose it. He has a heightened sense of smell and taste just like me when someone tries to make me eat a piece of raw fish called sushi. Besides that how many of us have wanted to use our claws when stuck next to the smelly disgusting guy on the bus.

Sadness: Captain America

OK I know what you are going to say, how can Captain America be sadness. I mean he is the most virtuous character in the Marvel Universe. He is also honorable, dependable, and always does what is right. So how can he be sadness, easily when you look at him. He is trapped out of time 70 years removed from the world he knew. Who didn't cry when a young Steve Rodgers visited a dying Peggy Carter in in Cap2. Captain always sees the down side of everything and as Tony Stark would tell us needs to loosen up.He has always been the one to tell every other hero to watch out because they are feeling too comfortable. This has always served him well just like a little sadness helps us appreciate the good times we have in life.

Joy: Tony Stark

Tony Stark is a billionaire, superhero, playboy, who unlike his DC counterpart loves every minute of it. He relishes all of the gifts he has been given and sees no reason not to suck the marrow out of his blessed life. Yes he has that whole alcoholic thing but he has pushed past that and is maybe the most influential person in the Marvel Universe. Joy is the emotion we get when we are flying high, and in Tony's case he takes it literally. How many of us feel like we can take on the world like Iron Man when we feel the Joy of a great accomplishment. Tony is the most joyous of all the Marvel Universe and is a great counterpart to the more serious Captain America.

So this is my casting for the Marvel version of Inside Out. What are the voices in your head telling you, do you like the list and what characters are swimming around your head.


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