ByJoshua Cheseman, writer at

I went into Jurassic World with a reasonable amount of cynicism I wasn't expecting it to beat Jurassic Park, like some other critics, to expect it to top the original Jurassic Park is unfair to this movie. That being said, I was surprised by how good it was. The movie does an excellent job of trading off between doing something new and paying homage to the original movies. The movie keeps some of its twist and turns well hidden, as in not dropping them all in the trailers.

The cast of human characters are interesting, funny, and I had as much fun with them as I did watching the dinosaurs be dinosaurs. Chris Pratt's character has to be the most interesting figure we've had in Jurassic Park thus far and I love his bickering with the lead scientist. I also found it funny how she spends the entire movie in heels and nobody questions it. This movie's tone is a bit different from the previous movies it feels like Jurassic World and a classic movie monster slammed together, the new monster dinosaur the I-Rex (brought to you by Apple) is by far the most menacing creature we've ever seen in the world of Jurassic Park because of several reasons that I won't spoil, the creature is intelligent and violent and really separates the movie from the others. The movie even throws in something that I didn't realize I've wanted to see in a Jurassic Park film, I won't spoil it but the climax is a blast of fun and excitement.

With beautiful special effects, excellent pacing, twist and turns, Jurassic World is not just a fun summer action move, it's the Jurassic Park sequel we've been waiting for since The Lost World or Jurassic Park 3.


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