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Baldwin Collins

It's highly rumoured in the media that sir roger moore is interested in reuniting, former james bond actors for a expendables type action movie. sounds a little too late, but would've worked 20 years ago. sir roger being a former bond star and the one with the most bond films 7 under his belt, i am wondering if he's serious ? with out daniel craig involved, pierce brosnan at 62, is probably the only actor who could manage the day to day vigorous action scene's needed to be convincing on the big screen, plus the insurance liability risks.

Remember that slyvester stallone's expendables team are all under 70 years old. and the last movie, stallone's character barney ross had recruited a much younger team.

I personally would've liked to see sir roger moore's idea become a reality but it only could be a comedy film now.

what do you think a action pack movie with all former james bonds are possible ?


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