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My last blog was predictions for phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). This is just a simple list as to what I think will be in Phase 5. There are 8 guesses to what I believe they will use. Only the last movie is in its right place; the other 7 can be switched around for one's liking.

1. Doctor Strange 2

Because Cumberbatch is dedicated actor and this character has much popularity, I assume Marvel will be going with a second installment of the Sorcerer Supreme. Since Baron Mordo will be the villain of the first movie, Dormammu should be the second villain. My theory is role in 2016's Doctor Strange will be alot like thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy: the mastermind behind the plan, but in the background. Mordo will probably be the lead villain with the army of mindless ones, but he is doing so under the orders of Dormammu.

2. Black Panther 2

Like the sequels to Captain Marvel and doctor strange, marvel should be making plans to expand the Black Panther story. Maybe get someone like man-ape to appear, or make a deal with fox so storm can appear.

3. Spiderman 3

Because of what I said in my last blog, if they want to stick to their spiderman plans of releasing one for each year parker is in high school, they should be releasing a Spider-Man movie for phase 4, 5, and 6. Maybe intoduce Miles Morales or the Spiderverse in this one.

4. Captain America 4

Like with Iron Man 4, they should change the lead and go with someone else to play Steve Rogers, or have Bucky Barnes or Sam Wilson take over the role. At the reveal of Phase 3 back in october, they teased fans that CA3 was going to be called Serpent Society; they could still do that storyline if or when they do CA4.

5-7. 3 Unidentified projects

These ones are the ones I still haven't fully decided on. I have considered 8 different possibilities for these 3 projects but haven't come to a conclusion on which should be included. Based on the projected The Avengers storyline I have predicted at the bottom, these are the 8 possible titles that could be fill in these 3 spots I have predicted:

Movie Sequels

1. Captain Marvel 3

2. Runaways 2/ Young Avengers Cross-over

3. Iron Man 5

New Standalone titles

1. She-Hulk

2. Nova

3. Punisher

Deals with Fox

1. X-Men

2. The Fantastic Four

8. Avengers 5: Secret Invasion

The movies I have chosen to go in phase 5 along with the possibilities that I haven't decided on yet, all have intertwining stories that would lead into the storyline of avengers 5; which would be secret invasion: the infiltration of Earth of the alien species known as the Skrull.

Those are my predictions for Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Agree or not?


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