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Based on an original concept by: Eric Lee and Paul Wizikowski

Story: Kevin Anderson, James Farr, Eric Lee, Mark Steele, Paul Wizikowski

Script: James Farr

Pencils: Jon Sommariva

Inks: Serge LaPointe, Kevin Patag, Sean Parsons

Colors: Camila Fortuna, Dustin Evans, John Rauch

Inks: Anna Film, Jason Yang

Cover and chapter break art Jon Sommariva, Serge LaPointe, Sean Parsons, Eric Lee

Steelehouse productions

Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Books

It seems we had history all wrong. In this book, history comes blasting back into the 21st century. It seems that children of all creations have parents that are larger than life. In this case, it was one selfless act that saved an entire civilization. Intelligent dinosaurs. Who knew?

Eric Lee and Paul Wizikowski's creation, albeit done before, has some merit, as it introduces a different element not seen before in other scientifically advanced dinosaur stories. This story tells of legacies, corruption, loss, and gains. Kelvin and Amber are great creations an I definitely see more books coming from these two.

The art team of Jon Sommariva, Serge LaPointe, Sean Parsons, Camila Fortuna, Dustin Evans, John Rauch, Anna Film, and Jason Yang have done a great job with this! The emotions brought out through the bright colors, sharp lines, and through the nuances in the facial expressions, we're a joy to look at!

Overall this was a great sit down and read book. The texture of the artwork and fun, fast paced writing were a joy to read and look at. If this is the first publication from Steelehouse, I am definitely interested is seeing what they put out

Rating: 5 / 5


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