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It has been said that even the brightest light casts a shadow. You simply cannot have light without the dark. However, you can have dark without the light. Darkness is perfectly capable of snuffing out all light.

The universe itself is said to be made up of roughly 68% dark energy, dark matter makes up 27%, and everything else (everything on earth, everything visible, everything ever observed) makes up less than 5% (as told by NASA here).

Not only does darkness make up most of the universe, but it is a natural part of the universe able to survive in perfect harmony with everything else around it. We don't understand it and that's what makes us fear it. The unknown and darkness and two of the biggest fears out there. But you know, there is one aspect of the darkness that we do know quite a bit about.

I'm talking about the Sith (I know, you saw that one coming).

The Sith are considered to be the villains of the entire Star Wars saga. After all, they start all out wars against the Jedi several times and don't care for casualties.

But then again, that all comes down to who their leaders are. And in both trilogies, that leader is Darth Sidious, who we all hated and wanted to die oh so badly. But does that make every single Sith warrior bad?

I don't think so. Yes, Darth Sidious was awful. So was Darth Maul. Count Dooku was a jerk. And General Grievous was possibly the worst of them all because he ran from a fight every time he came close to losing (and he wasn't Sith, by the way).

But that's only four people right there. The fifth Sith member that we know well enough to judge is Darth Vader. And we all love Darth Vader. We loved him before knowing who he was before the events of A New Hope (at least I did).

How could all Sith members be evil minus one character?

They can't, that's how.

So, by that logic (and trust me that is logic, it's the only thing I remember from that class) it can be deduced that Sith are not evil. Just a few of them are. Okay, most of them are. But you get the point.

You can argue with me all you like about how the Sith did this and that and that's all fine and dandy. But it comes down to the fact that those acts were all done according to orders given out by the aforementioned Sith characters. And need I remind you about that fan theory that Palpatine/Darth Sidious was doing all this to protect the galaxy from a future threat?

Another aspect I want to point out to you is that the movies are told from a skewed perspective. We see things through the eyes of an audience watching things play out. We don't know what people are actually thinking. Most importantly, we don't know what the Sith members are thinking or planning. We know what they do and we can guess as to why, but we don't actually know.

So, who's to say their motives weren't good in truth?

No one. Because they're all dead. But, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and explain to you why the Sith aren't all that bad and are actually cooler than Jedi.

Exhibit A: The Code

Sith on the left, Jedi on the right
Sith on the left, Jedi on the right

There are several ways to interpret both of these codes. Personally, for me, the Jedi Code makes no sense.

Everyone feels emotions no matter what. It can be seen throughout the movies and the shows as characters struggle to keep their emotions in check. But the fact they have to keep them in check means they have emotions.

Ignorance is literally the lack of knowledge. That is it's definition from Merriam Webster.

Passion goes hand in hand with emotions which, as I've already mentioned, everyone has. I understand what they're trying to say here, but it is literally impossible.

Chaos is inevitable. For all those science buffs out there, you know this is true because of a little thing we like to call entropy. For those of you confused as to what that means, here's it's definition from

Entropy is the quantitative measure of disorder in a system. The concept comes out of thermodynamics, which deals with the transfer of heat energy within a system. Instead of talking about some form of "absolute entropy," physicists generally talk about the change in entropy that takes place in a specific thermodynamic process.

Entropy will occur no matter what. It is expected. It occurs in closed systems without any outside help. Order is a man made - or in this case a humanoid made - construct. As a result, chaos will ensue.

And lastly, there is no death there is the force...

Okay. I can't actually argue with this one. We've seen several Force ghosts throughout the saga. The only thing I can really say is that they do in fact die and can no longer live on this world. They have to advance to the next stage and enter the Force. What is intriguing here is that the only Force ghosts we've seen have been those considered "good" and don't include people who aren't force sensitive. A little shady, don't you think?

As for the Sith Code, the only thing I disagree with is the line "Peace is a lie, there is only passion." I believe peace between groups, true peace in which nothing bad happens, is unattainable and will never happen. But inner peace, when one person can be at peace with themselves and the galaxy, that's attainable.

Aside from that, I think the Sith Code is spot on.

Exhibit B: The Droid Army

Hear me out on this one.

The Jedi and the Sith both had similar ideas during the prequel trilogy. Make an army of disposal parts that are easily replaced and won't cost us lives of civilians or other soldiers. The only difference is that the Sith used robots that were battle ready from the minute they were created. The Jedi used clones that had to be trained just like an ordinary soldier had to be.

And it worked. But the Sith are slightly better in the fact that their battle tactic is better. Sure, the droids didn't have independent thinking and the training clones did, but they didn't need that. The droids were ready to go from the minute they were assembled. When the Jedi had to wait to train these soldiers that might go AWOL or be scared or run and hide when it came to an actual battle, the Sith had droids that were relatively inexpensive and considerably numerous.

Yes, the droids weren't as skilled as the Jedi, but the clones were as skilled as the Sith. The only reason that the Jedi came out on top is because there were more Jedi than there were Sith to take out the enemy.

Also, cloning is an expensive and risky job. The Jedi did perfect the procedure, yes, but the clones only lived so long before they started degrading. The science wasn't perfect and the result wasn't either. And making a clone is like making a person. And these people, these clones, they have to go out there and fight knowing that their sole purpose in life is to die for you. A droid doesn't have to worry about that. Clones are morally unsound.

Exhibit C: The Chosen One

Whether Anakin or Luke was the Chosen One doesn't really matter. The fact is that the chosen one was said to bring balance to the Force. Meaning balance is needed in the universe and the way that things are going is entirely unbalanced.

As I mentioned early, even the brightest light casts a shadow. And that shadow had been shunned and overlooked in the world of Star Wars for millennium. There was a clear and distinct imbalance in the galaxy without the darkness that belongs there.

Balance is needed to keep a system working. And the balance that was once there was thrown out the window when the Sith and Jedi fought each other. One cannot be without the other. And the imbalance needed to be corrected in order for the galaxy to reach harmony.

If the Sith truly were an evil force that had to be dealt with, the balance necessary would require the Sith to be dispatched entirely. And before you go and tell me they were at the end of Return of the Jedi, remember that there is another villain to appear in The Force Awakens who is considered to be Sith.

I propose that the only way to bring balance back to the galaxy was to remove the Jedi and the Sith and start again anew. With new Sith members and new Jedi members. The Jedi have restarted. Now it's time for the Sith to do the same. And just imagine the power that one could attain by having the Sith and the Jedi working together.

Who's better: Sith or Jedi?

That's for you to decide. I think the Sith are better for a number of reasons. But in order for you to make your decision, check out Moses Ochs's article as he tells you why the Jedi are better than the Sith here.

And to fully sway you to my side, I've saved the best argument for last. If this doesn't convince you, I don't know what will.

Force Lightning!

Now it's time for you to actually decide:


Who are better?


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