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It was only a few weeks ago that we found out about the upcoming live-action adaptation of Hawkgirl on her way to debut within the highly anticipated CW DC
TV series, Legends of Tomorrow. We saw her make a guest appearance on The Flash, heard news of a helmet fitting and saw actress Ciara Renee practicing flight until time for her to get fitted for her trademark wings.

Now, hold on to your Thanagarian wing harnesses. According to sources such as ComicBook.Com and SpoilerTV, It seems that Warner Bros might be paying attention to the masses' clamoring for a live-action, non-White, non-male superhero protagonist after all. There seems to be a solo series in the works for our fearsome flighted female protagonist, Hawkgirl.

Take to the skies!
Take to the skies!

Now, some questions still remain to be seen. Will the show take place before or after the events of Legends of Tomorrow? Will Hawkgirl be a solo act, or will Hawkman eventually show up as her partner? Will they go with some form of the Thanagarian origin story, the mystic Ancient Egyptian origin, or an amalgam of the two?

Still, the sources' earliest reports claim that, due to the popularity of the character, and support being thrown behind the show, it will likely bypass the test-pilot phase, and be greenlit for a full-season order straightaway. So, what do you think? If Hawkgirl is headed to her own corner of the CW DC TV Universe, are you excited? Let us know in the poll and comments below!


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