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It is the moment of a lifetime when a photographer gets to snap that one viral image that can break the internet. That's what happened when professional photographer and full-time mom, Betsy Wagner-Gregory, took a team photo of her daughter Avery's (who plays catcher) softball team. The darling nine are known as "Freeze."

The Freeze play in a 4-5 year old T-Ball league in Edmund, Oklahoma.

The Frozen inspired team was the brainchild of the team moms. They suggested that their daughters create a Frozen inspired moniker to get the girls interested in playing T-ball.

Many names were batted about, including the Sparkling Elsas, before they collectively settled on Freeze.

And no, the team does not play in Disney Designer Elsa dresses. As can be seen in the photo above, their team uniforms feature ice blue baseball jerseys with the team name and oversized falling snowflakes.

The Elsa dresses were brought out for the end of the season photo shoot.

The Freeze unfortunately finished dead last in their league, so the photo shoot was a delightful compensation for trying hard and having fun.

The team photos went viral after Wagner-Gregory posted them on her social media pages and the Sports Illustrated for Kids site.

In a Huffington Post article, Wagner-Gregory hoped that the photos will be seen as a motivating message for "Girl Power" in action.

"What started as a little spark of imagination has turned into something much greater. What a great memory this will be for these girls many years down the road!"
Wagner-Gregory hopes her photo will show young girls that "it is really OK to try anything" and that they don't have to choose between "being a princess and getting dirty."

Via Bored Panda, Huffington Post

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