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Everything I write here is the 100% honest to Glob truth. I know I'm not the first person to write an article explaining how great Moviepilot is and why you should write for them, and hopefully I won't be the last. I've been writing articles for MP for less than two months now, and in that time, there's never been a day where I felt like I was wasting my time.

A year ago, I had a stable (but boring), decent salary job in Canada. I had a car, paid my bills, hung out with friends, and I'm really trying not to brag, had my life more in order than many other 25-year-olds out there. I had a lot of routines and schedules that I lived by. I've always been so scared of growing up because I had no idea how to be an adult, and yet somehow, I just went with the flow and different aspects of my adult life started to click themselves into place. Yet, despite all of this, I was never truly happy.

I hated waking up in the mornings for work. I got tired of my routines and I barely ever found the time to do the things that truly brought me joy. It was all a little depressing. I know I shouldn't complain. I had a job and my own place, right? Maybe I was starting to take that stability for granted. It was almost like I was suffering from Disney Princess Syndrome. Like at any moment I could burst into a musical number about wanting more out of life.

I never expected life to give me what I wanted.

For reasons I'm not willing to discuss right now, I quit my job, sold off my stuff and moved halfway across the world to Germany where my fiancée was currently finishing her Master's program at a German University. All of a sudden, I went from being stable and comfortable, to being in a country where I didn't know the language, couldn't work, and had no friends or family to depend on other than my fiancée. No, I'm not part of a witness protection program in case you're wondering.

I was literally back to basics. It was as if my Skyrim save data was lost and I had to create an entirely new character and go through the game all over again. What on Earth was I supposed to do? Well, first thing's first, I registered in a language course. There's no sense going to live in another country if you can't speak the language after all. So now I'm going to a four hour course every day for the next year. Wunderbar!

So what now? I couldn't work until I learned the language and there are only so many video games you can play before you start to feel like a bum. I needed to kill time. This is when I finally made the jump over to YouTube.

My whole new world?
My whole new world?

For years now I've always wanted to try my hand at YouTube. I didn't know where I was going to go with it, but it looked like something I'd enjoy. After all, I knew quite a bit (a lot) about movies and video games, and I could talk for hours upon hours about any topic related to those areas. There was one huge set-back though - just being in front of a video camera was enough to make me feel sick. I wanted to give up before I even got started, but my fiancée was there to kick me in the rear whenever I got cold feet. She knew it was something I always wanted to do, and she was there to make sure I didn't stop myself from making the plunge.

By the time my first video went up, I was a ghost. My skin was probably paler than the painted, white wall behind me. I wasn't accustomed to putting myself out there, and to be honest with you, I still need her in the room to this day to get any sort of visual recording done. Needless to say though, it got easier every time. Seeing that first subscriber that wasn't a family member or friend was probably one of the best feelings ever.

Then one day, I had an idea for a video series that focused on the differences between movies and their source materiel after reading the Grimm version of Cinderella. After some research, I created my first 'Based On' video: Cinderella. I originally had the series named 'How It Really Ended' but later changed it because I wasn't just looking at the movie's ending anymore. I started to look at all of the differences.

This series started to get a lot more attention than my regular video game ramblings, and before I knew it, I was sitting at around 65-70 YouTube subscribers. It was around this time that I received a PM on YouTube from Julian, who contacted me from the Moviepilot Creators account. He came across my tiny channel and suggested I try becoming a creator for MP. Now, at the time I was well aware of Moviepilot, but I didn't know that anyone could become a creator, so my reaction was probably a bit more enthusiastic than it should have been. Needless to say, I signed up and decided to give it a try.

I mean, I loved talking about movies anyway. I figured that if anything, this would also be a good way to increase exposure for my YouTube channel. This was shortly after that picture of Jared Leto's joker was released and the internet was set aflame.

My first article was titled: Calm Down! The Joker Will NOT Have Tattoos in 'Suicide Squad'

It was a collection of proof as to why the Joker wouldn't have his ridiculous tattoos and I thought it was all pretty compelling. Add in several set pictures and a tweet from a Hollywood insider (who has good track record of being accurate) and I was convinced I had a good article. We all know how that turned out though, and I was as wrong as anyone could be. Still, what was absolutely amazing about this was watching the read counter for the article go up.

I remember seeing that 100 people had read my article and I was pretty stoked about it. I even told my fiancée about it and we though it was the coolest thing ever. Then I was in my German class the following day and checked on the was at 10,000 views. WHAT?! I almost fell out of my seat in class. I couldn't pay attention to anything else for the rest of the day, my eyes were glued on the counter. People out there were actually reading, what I thought was, a just simple blog article and they were sharing it like crazy!

Within a couple days, it had broken 600,000 reads and was being reported by several sites including AV Club and even Perez Hilton (sorry for being wrong guys). If my life had felt any more surreal then, I would have been convinced that I was really living in the Matrix.

It was almost addictive how amazing it felt to see an article blow up in views and shares. I wanted to write more, and I did. I always tried my best to refrain from obvious 'click bait' articles that used gratuitous sex appeal like I saw on other sites. I wanted to add substance to my posts, to write articles that people could enjoy reading and sharing without feeling like they were cheated into clicking the headline. I eventually started to use Moviepilot in tandem with YouTube and the results were overwhelming when my Anastasia 'Based On' started to take off.

In less than two months, I've seen my YouTube subscriber base jump from around 70 to currently 351 subs. I've written a decent number of articles that have been read more than 1.1 MILLION PEOPLE and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. At first, my intention was to use Moviepilot as a tool to grow my channel, but to me, it's now so much more than that. Being able to write about a topic that you truly share a passion for and then have complete strangers read and share those articles invokes a feeling in me that I simply can't place into words.

If you haven't seen the Moviepilot Creators YouTube channel as yet, then you should. There are all sorts of amazing videos that showcase Moviepilot rewarding their creators with the chance to attend red carpet premiers and to even interview the stars and that excites me. MP doesn't just reward their creators with amazing opportunities though, sometime they reward them with really cool stuff. Take for instance this mysterious package that came in the mail for me after I hit 1,000,000 reads!

Is it a boat?!
Is it a boat?!
Is it a hat? Nope! IT'S A R2-D2 PROJECTOR CLOCK!
Is it a hat? Nope! IT'S A R2-D2 PROJECTOR CLOCK!
A...a sack? Interesting.
A...a sack? Interesting.
A DEATH STAR PLANETARIUM?! I'm never using the lights in my room again!!
A DEATH STAR PLANETARIUM?! I'm never using the lights in my room again!!

Like I said before, I've only been writing for Moviepilot for less than two months. It isn't just a blog, it's a community. A year ago I was a pen pushing salary man. I had my routines and schedules and while my life had order, it had no drive. This year off from work while I learn to speak German was a blessing in disguise. It gave me the opportunity to actually pursue my passions and even if I end up failing miserably, at least I can say I give it my all.

If you care about movies, music, video games or anime, WRITE ABOUT IT! Don't let the 'Movie' part of Moviepilot discourage you. You don't need a year off work to write an article or two a week. You're going to reach out to people of similar interests and passions and you're going to engage in many conversations. I'm so happy that Julian reached out to me and invited to me to be part of this great community and now I'm extending that invitation to you.

P.S. Moviepilot, if you ever need someone in Germany to interview Chris Pratt, I think I can clear my schedule.


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