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No surprises this week as "Jurassic World" continues its domination at the box office for the 2nd week in a row with another 102 million and just shy of the 400 mil cume for domestic box office. No doubt it will hit that mark sometime tomorrow and continue its charge to 500 mil next. New at #2 is "Inside Out" with a big 91 mil, above all expectation and this film should enjoy some decent box office numbers for at least one more week. Holding ground at #3 is "Spy" earning an extra 10.5 mil as it slowly crawls its way to 100 mil cume, should reach it but in time. Also holding ground at #4 is "San Andreas" with another 8.2 mil as this shaker is quickly settling down. New and rounding off the top 5 is "Dope" with only 6 mil, below expectations for most but I did say if it would be lucky if it broke into double digits.

New movies next week:
Two wide releases again this week with another Universal film potentially taking the lead again. Up first is "Ted 2" with about 3500 screens and will likely be the big R-Rated comedy of the Summer. Following the ground breaking success of its predecessor, this film should open to at least 40 mil and have good legs into Summer. Next is "Max" which is based on the true story of a military dog in Afghanistan. Sure to be some action while pulling on those heart-strings for the pup. Probably will be around 2200 screens and should open in the mid-teens or a bit higher but this will be a film that has a stronger post-box-office life.

*numbers sourced by Box Office Analyst


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