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Not much of a comic book reader in fact i've never read a comic book because they do not sell it in my country but i love reading your blogs
Moustapha Sayed

I'm a huge fan of wolverine and he's my favourite superhero and i also like the hulk considering i love to smash things as well. Now as long as i know the only two superheroes that are indistructable are wolverine and the hulk but given that i have never read a comic book, unfortunatly, i have always been intrigued by the result of a fight to the death between those two. Now i know that in a normal fight hulk would win without a shadow of a doubt but when the fight is to the death who will prevail?

Let's look back on these characters but please keep in mind that all my knowledge about these two characters are based on the movies that i've seen


Now wolverine is your classical anti hero, he's agressive, he shoots to kill, he doesn't hesitate. To the side of being a hot head, he's got razor sharp adamantium claws, super wolf instincts and the power to heal himself. Plus wolverine does not have a weakness wich gives him an advantge over the other superheroes ( eat your heart out superman ) .

2.The Hulk

Now we all know the hulk as an agressive raging/ threat to humanity itself, monster. The hulk has super powers which limits hasn't been identified yet as well as his resilliancy against everything that has been used against him.

Plus, it has been shown, refering to what i have read, that the hulk has shown some sort of power of healing almost similar tha wolverine's skill

3.What the hell is the result?

Now with my facts being stated, please feel free to add any facts i failed to mention but after reviewing all of the qualities of these two monsters that are indistructable unlike all other superheroes who would prevaile in a fight to the death between these two titans?

please comment your opinion or if you have any proven fact about this brawl please tell me because this subject has driving me crazy