ByBrad Dee, writer at

In the wake of DC You, DC has chosen to take on the task of trying to make more family friendly heroes. So, what better character to use then the character of Doomsday, who in 1992 killed Superman. Sure, this is not the Doomsday that we remember from that epic series, but it's still there. Instead, now Doomsday is a type of virus that enters a person and brings out the inner monster that they hide inside.It happened to Superman last year in the storyline "Doomed", and now is taken over the body of the newest member of the DC universe, Reiser. But that is where most of the problems with this series starts.

In a first issue a comic,one of the main quests that must be completed is giving us a character who is likable and a supporting cast that isn't that one-dimensional. Instead, in this comic we get a main character who seems like a genius and a idiot thrown into one and more supporting characters that are needed, especially since most of them are "just there". The comic starts off promising in the first 3 pages as we witness the destruction that Doomsday has done, but from there, it just turns into a origin story that will not make us want to come back for more. Scott Loedell,who is known as a comic killer has made another comic book where there are so many narration boxes to help us understand what the character is thinking. But, all that does is show us how dimwitted his main character is. Even the way that he gets infected shows stupidity and makes us not really like the character. Now we gotta be honest and the chances are this comic is not going to sell well. Usually books like this don't. So, with a title like "Doomed", it's pretty ironic. I can see this series making around 12 issues(enough for 2 graphic novels) and then the character just vanishing. It's hard to get invested in a series when you can already see that as the future. Plus, with a first issue like this, it makes it even harder. At least the art is decent. I give this book a 3 out of 10.


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