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Throughout television and movie history, one of the tropes of entertainment is the superhero. We all know the iconic image, tall, brooding, and stacked with muscles. But no hero can complete their super quest without ample opposition. Every superhero must have their villain, but what exactly goes into the making of a super villain? Well ponder no more, for I have concocted the perfect recipe for a super villain!

1) A Pinch of Comedy

All villains have a stroke of comedy in their character. Even the most serious villains can't pass a screen test without throwing out a few laughs.

Puny God
Puny God

Treachery, space portals, and a massive beat down.

2) A Heaping Tablespoon of Craziness

A villain has to be able to do whatever is necessary to get what they want, no matter what. What a normal person might call crazy, a super villain would call a necessary step to greatness. Innocent women and children? Not a problem, they're just pawns in a greater game.

Death, destruction, and plastic-coated Popsicles.

3) A Tragic Back-Story

You don't turn into a super villain overnight. It takes years of tragedy and heartache to build a villain.

All you have to do is look at his rhinestones collar to know that his life has been no cakewalk.

4) Three Cups of Money

It has been said over and over again that money is the root of all evil. That couldn't be more true. How else would a super villain fund their newest evil plot?

5) And Last But Not Least, a Half Gallon of Supporters.

Everything is awesome.

Compile all these ingredients to create the worlds greatest super villain and a Blockbuster movie. (Who needs scripts and stuff anyway?)


Who is your favorite super villain?


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