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The Earth's population is roughly 7 billion people, and before then, billions upon billions more. It never was the agenda of Doc Brown and Marty McFly to rupture the space time continuum, but in their efforts of changing their own pasts by the means of time travel, it appears that they have fallen victim of crossing into the wrong universe, dying at the wrong time, and leaving technology that provides limitless power to its beholder. Guy Montag, in the 21st century, gets a hold of the extraordinary power of the Delorean, and sets off on a quest to recapture the creative side of humanity back when his government had banned all educated creativity and innovation. Setting his time in the return options, Guy tasks himself with bringing back innovation and does so with little to no effort, for his background with the fire men, and knowledge with what he understands of his timeline bringing great persuasion into his living government. Upon his return, men with flying suits of iron and fists of fury greet him in a war that was brought on by the creation of a robot that believes that Guy's effort for innovation is the downfall of humanity, and one day the world will screw itself over with its own creativity. Ultron, the Avengers, and Guy Montag the time traveler. Seeing the time machine, Ultron kills Guy, but doing so eradicates his own existence due to the lack of innovation by Tony Stark. Tony and the Avengers are also changed and returned to their new found homes. The Delorean is left in its place, not to be discovered until one day when a curious reporter, Tin Tin, gets curious as to how the car had been in the same place for so long. But rather than doing his usual investigation, Tin Tin reveals his discovery of the Delorean time machine Guy Montag had left, and thus creates a new need for an innovation revolution. But for innovation, scientists study the Delorean and attempt to unlock the ability to travel into time. Now, with Tony Stark as a lead scientist on the project due to his family ties, he works on the time machine and discovers inside of it a video memory system that replays the following story to him, and in the video he discovers that he can be iron man. He creates iron man, and with this he becomes dominant over the worlds justice system alone. People who are with him create world policing marvels like Robocorp, where Robo Cop is created, and Prefered Outcomes run by Nick Mendoza. These companies rule the world due to their sheer power over opposes. Time travel never becomes an existing power, except for the use of the Delorean, which still lies under control of the world police security teams. (Mostly to Tony Stark)

Now the problem is the overpowering of the security over all people, and the financial cliches that now are dominating policing outcomes. Minorities and lower class is being persecuted due to the worlds new views, and revolution is brewing because of it.

Revolution starts with "The Shot Heard Around The World 2", which two young Afghani boys, Hassan and Assef, are shot in an alley way, with Assef being a bully to Hassan, and Hassan being a lower class civilian. Both deaths are caused by a Robocorp "accident". The news spreads quickly as retaliation to the shots is brought forth with Whiplash who creates an electric suit to disable robotics and kill anybody, and Batman, who sees the injustice and killing of innocent civilians due to the unbalanced power, and attempts to put a stop to it as an innovator himself. Other fighters like Faith, a speed runner in urban environments, the TNMT in New York, and Sam Fisher all hear noise of the fighting and join the rebels to represent the humans who have fallen victim to the overpowering repression brought on by higher corporations. Astro boy joins the civilians in a fight against his own creator also. There's the Arrow, Oliver Queen, Alex Mason, Aiden Pearce, the Umbrella Corporation (who secretly just wants more test subjects), the Texas Ranger, and Rambo.

The corporations recruit against the fight, and not only find people who need money after the depression they put them under, but also other innovators who create their own machines. Some inventors like Inspector Gadget, Dr. Manhattan, Bruce Banner, Elroy Jetson, Jimmy Neutron, and Lex Luthor, all prove valuable assets to creating either their own battle tacticians, or suits for themselves, while others like Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Wile E. Coyote (who has accidentally spliced himself), and Professor Calamitous, prove to be less helpful.

Now the fight is on to stop "the man" from taking over how the world works. Two teams striding into battle with innocent civilians and heavy hitters, all of whom are pissed off and ready to fight for their views of the perfect world.

Team 1 (innovating for power)

Tony Stark (iron man) , Nick Mandoza (Battlefield Hardline), RoboCop and Robocorp (Robocop), Inspector Gadget (Inspector Gadget, Dr. Manhattan (Watchmen), Bruce Banner (Hulk), Elroy Jetson (The Jetsons) , Jimmy Neutron (Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius), Lex Luthor (Superman) , Dr. Doofenshmirtz (Phineas & Ferb), Wile E. Coyote (Looney Tunes), and Professor Calamitous (Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius)

Team 2 (innovating for safety of the people)

Whiplash (Iron Man 2), Batman (Take a guess...) , Faith (Mirrors Edge), TMNT (TMNT), Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell), Astro Boy (Astro Boy), Oliver Queen (Arrow), Alex Mason (Call of Duty Black Ops 2), Aider Pearce (Watchdogs), the Umbrella Corporation (Resident Evil), the Texas Ranger (Walker Texas Ranger: CHUCK NORRIS), and John J. Rambo (Rambo).


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