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In the world of the new 52, the relationship between Lois and Clark wasn't as strong as it used to be.Instead, we ended up with the relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman. But, as times progressed, and storylines changed, both characters went through some incredible changes. But, the newest change is taking place in the world of Superman right now, as he has lost over 60% of his powers and his identity has been exposed.The question is how will these changes effect the relationship between the two most powerful beings on Earth? Peter J. Tomasi attempts to answer that question in the new issue of this series, which is also a tie-in to the epic crossover "Truth", which is running in all the Superman books for the next few months.

Similar to what happened in the Batman/Superman comic, the central focus of the characters had a difficult time being explored due to changes that were occurring in their own series at the time. This book is pretty much another book that is trapped in those concepts, but can't really explore them that much. The comic is mostly a Superman comic with Wonder Woman thrown into it. It focuses on disappearances in Smallville that touches very close to home for the Man of Steel(now known as Clark) and how these disappearances relate to the idea that his identity has been exposed. It also shows the differences in the relationships that Clark has had in recent years with people who he has grown to love. Wonder Woman is thrown in as a supporting character again, as the comic mostly focuses on Clark and his hunt to find the people responsible for his newest problems. Once again though, Tomasi can't be blamed for all of this as he doesn't have much to work with. He can't "spill any beans" cause the main stories of these two characters have just started, so he is forced to enter a storyline where he knows in advance, his book is just an extra comic. But, there is potential in this comic and if the cliffhanger at the end is any indication, there are other forces at work that want to take Clark down and learn more about his secrets. I give this book a 6 out of 10.


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