ByBrad Dee, writer at

Last month, we entered the world of Technopolis, which was the main city that the series Armor Wars was taking place. In that region, everybody needed to wear armor to stay alive because of some virus that was in the air. But, the mystery was who put that virus there and who wants to rule the region? We were also introduced to baron Tony Stark and Arno Stark who were competing for the region and who would be in charge of it. But,the first issue left so many questions and confusion, that it drew alot of people off. Those same problems are still present in the second issue of this series also.

Much of the second issue revolves around the death of Peter Urich, who was also known as Spyder-man in this region. He was killed last issue and his heart was literally removed from his body. Thor(in this issue it's Jim Rhodes) and Baron Tony Stark attempt to solve the mystery of who killed him, while the Kingpin works with Arno Stark to take over the region. But, similar to last issue, we are thrust into a storyline to forcibly, and thus we are unsure of what is going on. We can't even tell who the heroes are and who are the villains. Adding in a mystery about who the killer is also hurts the series and the comic,because we don't even know who most of these characters even are to begin with. There won't be much shock in the final issue when we learn what is actually going on, since we can't get that invested to begin with. As a concept, a murder mystery set in a techno-dystopia sounds great, a sort of Blade Runner-esque thriller for the Marvel Universe. But somewhere in the execution, Armor Wars doesn't quite connect. Missing are the concepts that is making Secret wars so great, and instead we just get muddled and jumbled pages of characters that aren't as interesting as James Robinson hoped they would be. I can see this comic improving though. Here's hoping it actually does, because it does have alot of potential. I give this issue a 5out of 10.


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