ByMed Malina, writer at

Before downloading this movie, I was thinking that why I am going to see a typical movie as I know about the the plot and twist of the story. But still in order to kill my boredom I just hit the download button and when I started watching it, I literally enjoyed it. Yeah! It's the same story of an orphan girl who has to face her arrogant and cruel stepmother and two ugly and irritating step sisters BUT the movie is made in such a way that you just can't stop watching it till the end. Lily James (Ella aka Cinderella) has done an amazing job. Her innocence throughout the movie is awesome. Even the stepmother and stepsisters have done their roles so truly that one can't stop laughing at their funny acting. Coming to the prince charming (Richard Madden), the way he acted he truly depicts a prince charming. Well you know how the story ends and all about the pumpkins, horses, carriage and the fairy godmother. But let me ruin your surprise a little bit here that the fairy godmother is none other then Helena Bonham Carter :) So, you can imagine now how much awesome she can be in a role like this!!!

Just give it a try and you will surely enjoy the innocence of Cinderella and her Prince. The movie quality and all the places, dresses and arrangement are up to the level.

Do watch it.


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