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Henry Starling Jr.

The CBI retro-review:

Punisher #4 Vol. 2

Script: Mike Baron

Art & colors: Klaus Janson

Letters: Ken Bruzenak

Marvel Comics

"The Rev"

The Punisher, while on a resupply mission, inadvertently uncovers a plot, set up by a new age cult, to cleanse our society. He doesn't like this one bit, and sets out to do what he does best.

First off, a little set up. This is came out in November 1987. It was a different world back then, trust me, I remember. Mike Baron's story is perfectly set for this time period. This just like watching a crime movie set in the eighties. The flow of the story was fantastic. No skips, going from a routine arms resupply, onto a full on investigation of a corrupt organization.

The artwork done by Klaus Janson was nothing short of fantastic. Even in 1987, klaus was doing things no one else was. The bold, yet simple backgrounds makes the readers eyes drawn to specific scenes. And his use of shadows to form the scene...brilliant.

With the team of Mike Baron and Klaus Janson, their Punisher run is what got me into comics. Fantastic writing and brilliant artwork is what reading comics is all about. Something that is sorely missed in today's comics. But, as long as we have back issue retailers and dollar bins, here's hoping the new generation will take a chance, and do some digging, to find these gems.

Rating: 5 / 5


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