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Hey everyone!

So first off I want to let you guys know that when it comes to clowns, it doesn't matter if they are the kid-friendly circus kind or the terrifying kind....clowns and I do not mix. I guess that started when I first saw Pennywise from Stephen King's IT. Yes, I was scarred.

Anyway, the news that I have for you guys is on a new movie called TERRIFIER. Written and soon to be directed by Damien Leone, the film has been set up on Indiegogo for horror fans to help out and receive some awesome rewards. Already having 85% of it's budget, a remaining 15% ($15,000) is needed to help bring every bit of "crazy-clown-horn-honking terror" (say that 5 times fast) to the screen.

TERRIFIER follows a maniacal clown named Art, who terrorizes two young women on Halloween night and everyone else who stands in his way.

The origin of ART the Clown came from Damien's original short film TERRIFIER, not to be confused by the feature length that this article is about. The short film is about a young girl that is on her way back to New York on Halloween. She stops at a gas station and is introduced to a homicidal clown named Art. What turns into a game of cat and mouse, the girl must try and survive the night or suffer an extremely painful death.

BAM! Art the Clown was created. The short film had run through the festival circuit and had even won a few awards along the way. I guess people just really enjoy some good old homicidal clown action.

The short film was then placed into an anthology film called ALL HALLOWS' EVE which was also written and directed by Damien Leone. The film gained major popularity when it was released into stores on October 29, 2013 and although the film only featured Art the Clown for about thirty minutes, fans definitely noticed him and begged for more.

So now we have TERRIFIER. Set to begin production in New Jersey this September, the director and ART himself are asking for us horror fans to help make this film the way it's intended to be!

To get some of your thoughts and opinions on it, here's a little bit more info on the film to be and the origin of Art the Clown as well as a teaser trailer. I'll also post the link for the indiegogo account below for you to check out! Let's help make this happen!

Indiegogo Link:


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