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Dose anyone remember that TV show back in the 90's called Herman's Head, no? well your going to think this is a original story but really it's ripping off a story line that already exist. Don't believe me then watch this clip and you will see how they are completely the same: .

Herman's Head TV show (1991-1994)
Herman's Head TV show (1991-1994)

The story to Inside Out is about a girl called Riley who is just like any typical young girl - dealing with the ups and downs of life - but on the inside, things are much different. When her father gets a new job in San Francisco and moves the family from the Midwest to the West Coast, "Headquarters" the place in Riley's mind that contains her emotions, goes into overdrive. Joy, Fear, Sadness, Anger, Disgust - each one plays a role - and with a new city, home and school - there is going to be some major conflict.

"The most original animated ever made".

"It's both funny, original and better than Up".

"Inside Out is Pixar's original film yet".


Everybody is going nuts over this movie calling it as "A masterpiece", and "One of the best animated films of all time". Now since I did like this movie as I do think this is a solid Pixar film, but I wouldn't go that far to call it a flawless masterpiece as people are calling it as the movie does have flaws. I feel like this is going to be one of those movies were people get really hyped over at the first like everybody is giving it the same rating and giving it the same love as everybody else, and if you say anything bad about it or you pick out a flaw in the movie people will rip you a part, but after a while when the hype dies down that's when it's okay to say that it's sucks or you didn't like it because everybody is coming out saying they think different of it. This happened before with movies that got hyped to death such as: Toy Story 3, Frozen, Gravity, The Avengers 1&2 and Avatar. But who's this movie may still get love after a while and it may seem like I'm hating on this movie which I'm trying not to come off like that as I think this is a good movie, but to me I like stepping out of the box and not try to join the hype as some people doing as I think a lot of people block out negative or any problems when they watch a movie just because A: They were looking forward to it or B: They wanted the next big thing. To those who are not convince that I don't hate this movie let me drill this in your head, I LIKE THIS MOVIE, I DON'T HATE IT. IT'S BETTER THAN CARS 1&2 AND BRAVE. BUT TO ME IT'S NOT A ORIGINAL MASTERPIECE EVEN WHEN THIS STORY HAS BEEN USE ALREADY, BUT STILL THIS IS A GOOD MOVIE. Okay I got that out there.

Let's talk about the positive's: The animation in this movie is so beautiful and really colorful and that colorfulness really suited the tone perfectly giving it a kid colorful welcoming feel to it. I can already see this movie is going to win best animated movie at the Oscars that's how good the animation in this movie. Pixar never disappoints when it comes to animation to they movies, even the ones I didn't like so much at least I can look at the visual's and be amazed of the detail put into it. And in this movie once again Pixar impress me with the animation.

The movie towards the end which I'm not spoiling it but I think everybody who's seen the movie or even heard someone talk about it as brought up that the movie does have a sad scene that made everybody cried like little babies just like me. Damn you Pixar for making me cry, you always play with my emotions when it comes to watching your movies. But good job through for making me feel something for this movie as I will go into that later.

This is a good kids movie and even the adults will enjoy it because most adults like most Pixar films and when it comes to emotional scenes it get's to them. This may be everybody's new favorite of all time or the year, but as I said before that feels like I said it about 100 times already, I like the movie, it's enjoyable, but I think it's time to talk about the flaws and one of those flaws is about the story and some of the characters.

The problems: Every critic and every person as brought up that the story is original and Pixar is back at it's best, but hold on a minute as this story been done before? The concept has been done before but in different ways, but even when it's a little bit different it still feels the same. I know some people may not seen Herman's Head or any TV special's that's focusing on what your emotions are what it dose in your head and them as character's. This doesn't really make the movie bad and it doesn't mean you can't enjoy it, but I think you should take some consideration before praising a movie and calling it original even through it's not. Can you handle the truth?

The other thing that isn't original is the character's, now they not badly written character's or anything like that, to be honest I think they were enjoyable to watch on screen but just like what I said about the story the character's didn't feel anything new and it feels like they been taken off by other characters from cartoon's, TV shows and other animated movies. It's all for the new original merchandise that will sell like mad after everybody sees the movie. That's how business works in Pixar, they just want loads of money that's what it's all about. Now if you think I'm a dick for saying that about Pixar then well your going to hate me even more after I bring up the pointless squeal's they came release that nobody wanted but they made it anywhere because all of the merchandise. Remember Cars, you remember when people didn't really like it and then Pixar did Cars 2, and that's because of the box office hit it was and the amount of merchandise was sold. Same with the other Pixar films. I just can't stand it when these film producers people choose money over art, it's just a big insult to cinema, and yeah it's a great way to get money off from people and all this money thing I told you about many not bother you as you just want a good movie and yeah Pixar as made great movie I mean one of my favorite movies from Pixar was Toy Story and Up. But I don't think Pixar is back as they next movies are just squeal's that we as a audience never asked for just because it's all about the f**king money.

Awesome poser of Inside Out with Riley and her character from the inside.
Awesome poser of Inside Out with Riley and her character from the inside.

These a scene in this movie where Riley plays hockey and she's been doing it for a while now, but out of nowhere she forget's how to play and no she didn't get disinterested or unmotivated, she literally forget's how to play hockey and she's already on the ice as the game just started. She didn't lose her desire to play, she just forget's. What really would have made this movie original if the movie was just about her emotions play with her depression affect's a person, now that will show that Pixar as the balls to do that and take a step forward and break new grounds by doing that, I mean this is about her emotions and she is going through tough times. But instead the movie focus on these character's in her head that are just a copy and cut out of other character's in past movies, TV shows and cartoon's. I know it's a kids movie and they don't to make it too depressing even when it kind of is towards the end but what's the point making a movie about somebody's emotions while that person as I said before is going through tough times. Come on at least some movies have the balls to do that and not just go "Oh wait a minute we shouldn't step back a bit".

I'm guessing right now you probably hate me for being honest right now and me giving my own thoughts and the slip ups this movie had. You can look at all that and think I hated the movie and I ranted a bit and I'm sorry if that seems that way but the real truth is that this is a good movie and I had a good time with the movie. I was never bored and it's a good time watch. If you loved the movie then good for you, if you liked the movie I'm with you on that one. To those who hated the movie it's okay, you don't have to like every movie that people like and praising. Be different, be unique. As for me I will recommend it to people who love animation or just movies itself, as Inside Out is a good movie.


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