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A person who enjoys patience , write to contain anxiety and is an analyst in his spare time on the couch of the demented .

How is that special moment when you face a big change , and finds its old 8-bit console ... A lot of nostalgia involved before all a happy phase , and have experienced great classics that made history . Today we can contemplate the evolution of it in big events and trade shows for the old and new players. I am happy to be part of this community , and to make good use of this hobby when I have time . But oddly enough , the blog in question does not address the mine or your daydreaming about the superficiality of study objects , but under your posts . Each willing mind and why not tired you may feel more comfortable here in this couch and comfortable and properly prepared , sprawled for you ( all). How willing will be here to share your ideas, or daydreams about what more you move , whether in games, in movies, on TV series or even in your life ?!


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