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I think that romance movies tend to get the short end of the stick these days, in a time when comic book movies are rampant. Don't get me wrong, I love my X-Men and Avengers, but lately it seems as though romance movies - at least those widely received - are few and far between. I wonder why that is, when they are no more realistic than God's coming down to Earth and working out their struggles in one of the most well-known metropolises in the world.

Even though I do love my action movies, I also love a good romance and wouldn't mind spending a few mindless hours watching them myself.

Watching the ones that I do now, I can't help but notice that there are some things seen in romance movies regularly that are actually pretty true to life, which makes them actually more realistic and sometimes relatable than these action movies, at least for women.

1. The best friend who knows everything about us

My best friend is a girl I have known since I was 13-years-old. She knows everything there is to know about me, especially some things that aren't exactly appropriate for others. We're the two that when we get together are loud and obnoxious, but it's somehow okay because we love each other.

They're the friend that if you say they are coming over, your mom makes an extra plate - no questions asked. You'd drop everything for them. That if they call you in the dead of night, even if you were asleep, you listen to them cry. Whether you have known them your whole life, met at an event or they are just that co-worker you really get along with, we all have that one friend that when you hear the term, "I would do anything for that person" they automatically pop into your head.

2. The family that annoys us but we love them anyway

Whether it is that drunk uncle at Christmas, the little sister that always steals your clothes without asking or the mother that you are always fighting with, there are always issues in a family, and in a lot of romance films you do get the family dynamic. They drive you insane, and most certainly embarrass you, but they are your family and for better or for worse you are stuck with them. You can fight with them all you want, but they are still there and in most cases will stand up for you when the going gets tough.

3. That guy that you find attractive but you know is bad for you

You know, even if you don't want to admit it, that there is a guy out there that you have at some point found attractive and wanted to date, or have dated. The guy that has issues, who treats women badly, who sleeps around, whatever attachment to this title is, you can find at least one of these "qualities" in the guy. But you think you can change him, or it is just a bit of fun, whatever it is, at the end of the day you end up with a pint of ice cream, crying, and watching one of the many adaptations of Pride and Prejudice. It's okay, we won't judge you. You just need to get through this phase, and this crush, PRONTO.

4. That guy you don't get along with/fight with a lot

Now, I am not saying that you will end up with this guy. Honestly, you probably shouldn't because that combative personality and natural urge to fight with them will probably never go away. If you have ended up with the guy, mazeltov, but we can't all be Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. There will be a guy, or several, that gets under your skin in the wrong way. Maybe they beat you out for the promotion at work, or are always on your commute and take the good seat on the bus, or maybe they are opening up a new, cheaper bookstore that will put yours out of business. There will be a guy that annoys you or makes you angry, just remember to be above it. Just don't expect to end up with the guy in the end everytime.

5. You can always have a happy ending

I found out myself awhile ago, you don't NEED a man to be happy. Sure, it's nice to come home to someone every night and if you have that, I am incredibly happy for you. But there is nothing wrong with finding happiness with yourself, doing things on your own, and honestly the happiness I have felt accomplishing a difficult task on my own for the first time by myself has beaten any happiness I have had with a guy. Whether your happy ending is with a man, or taking that trip you've always wanted to, or finally accepting and loving yourself, you can always find it.

It just isn't always in the way you might expect - which is a romance movie trope too, isn't it?


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