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To be completely honest with you, the first time I saw Zombeavers available to stream on Netflix in the "Just Added" section, I couldn't scroll past it fast enough. Zombie beavers seems like a concept, at a glance, that could be the icing on the cake when it comes to milking a sub-genre for all the money it is worth. And yet somehow, I couldn't just write it off. Something in me took control of my remote and added Zombeavers to My List.


The acting was serviceable in Zombeavers, which is really the best you can hope for with a movie like this one. The characters were funny and simple - stock characters that fit the stereotypes attached to college students. The few characters that were outside this stereotype were pretty flat and easy to recognize as well.

Zombeavers executes its far-fetched story perfectly, never taking itself seriously but not skimping on some serious violence. The gore and effects were hilarious and intentionally campy. From missing extremities to torn flesh, the gore is pretty explicit and over the top - again, perfect execution for a movie like this. Everything about the beavers from their size to the cheesy growling noise they made was very funny as well.

All in all I give Zombeavers a 6.0 rating - some will hate it, others will have a few good laughs. It is definitely worth watching at least once if you are a fan of movies with outrageous premises such as Sharknado and/or Stalled. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the replay value just isn't there for this one and that is reflected in the overall rating. That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if Zombeavers developed a bit of a cult following similar to Black Sheep (2006).

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