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What's up guys? So here we are in the big finale! It has been a long way to these 2 great actors and now is the time to pick one of them. So vote and we'll know in a week who is your favorite!


You may know him as Jeremy Gilbert in Vampire Diaries or as Jake in Piraña 3D, he has the look and the age (26) to be a great Dick Grayson in the DCCU or in TV shows (Teen Titans anyone?). He can portrait a badass Nightwing and needs a great film to really explode, and what is better way to do it as Batman's former sidekick?

Dylan O'Brien

This is very different to McQueen's case, this guy is already proved as a lead for a movie with high expectatives (Thomas in Maze Runner) and is known for the parts in The Internship and most people will recognize him for Teen Wolf as Stiles Stilinski. He is also a fan-favorite to play Spiderman in the MCU, he is young and the look is very similar to Dick.


YOU CHOOSE! Steven McQueen or Dylan O'Brien?


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