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I'm about to give you MY THEORY OF WHY the Civil War divide in Captain America 3 between Steve Rogers and Tony Starks. If you have information to add and share to this, PLEASE DO. I probably missed easter eggs somewhere else, but here is my THEORY!


I personally believe (this is MY theory) bring General Ross back into the picture NOW makes since to WHY Tony Starks came to seem him in The Incredible Hulk movie (pay attention to the WHOLE conversation in this video Tony talks about the super soldier program and putting together "a team". Most THINK that Tony was referencing The Avengers but Ross was never brought into any of the other movies as part of that team. Tony NEVER actually says it's The Avengers team. And during this part of the universe Tony has not even been accepted on the Avengers team yet, so WHY would he be recruiting for the Avengers Team for which he is not a part of?


NOW if you haven't seen the season finally of [Marvel's Agent Carter](tag:1119765) (WATCH HERE,p4,d0), I suggest you go see it since it had hints to the [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) AND Capt 3 Civil War. Jarvis gives Agent Carter a SAMPLE OF THE BLOOD OF Captain America, which carried the SOLDIER SERUM that General Ross and Tony Starks would need to create a better serum then the failed attempt with Abomination. We will have to see what Agent Carter does with this blood sample for more confirmation on this THEORY.


In Age of Ultron Scarlett Witch says something that triggers another clue after Capt approach her and Quicksilver after they stop the train. She said that Stark/Ultron cannot tell the difference between saving the world and destroying it. Then we have the whole fight scene when they try to wake Vision up. This "beef" between Cap and Stark has been brewing since the first meeting in the first Avengers Movie, which leads me to the next clue ...


In episode BEFORE the season finally of Agents of Shield (see here at,p1,d0), director Gonzales told (and challenged) Agent Coulson by saying, "Ultron was created because people were too close to Tony Stark. They were blinded by his charm. They trusted him. Never even thought to look at what he was working on. The Avengers -- They let one man do whatever he wanted, and the world was almost destroyed for it." I believe Tony is doing more dark stuff as he convinced Bruce to help him with Ultron. His fear of his teams death and the alien encounter from the first Avengers movie and the increase of this fear by Scarlet Witch has made him imbalanced and more destructive. He's starting to take on the old views of Nick Fury that Captain America was against when he talked about trying to end a war before he starts could cause the lost of more innocent lives.

I believe IN THEORY that the REASON for the CIVIL WAR in Capt 3 will be because Tony and the general find Caps blood and creates the General into Red Hulk. Tony's reasoning for creating the Red Hulk will be because of the absent of Hulk (Bruce Banner) leaving the team at the end of Avengers Age of Ultron and his and Thor's apparent absence from the Cap 3 Civil War movie to fight the new threats in Cap 3 (Crossbones, Baron Zemo, Winter Soldier{?}, and I think that Martin Freeman is playing another unnamed bad guy that since his character in the movie hasn't been revealed yet). I believe though Stark has good intentions (though out of fear) working with the General who NEEDS STARK more then Tony needs him will turn out as a bad partnership. And Cap fights Stark as a last straw after given Tony too many warnings. Cap is fed up with Stark's "rebellion" to the values of The Avenger team and the new Shield. And THIS is what I believe the Civil War is all about. I think more hints will be in the Ant Man movie. I don't see it being as big as the other Marvel movies in sales, but I believe the FACT that it is the LAST MOVIE to close out the PHASE TWO chapter makes it MORE IMPORTANT than we realize since each phase was expected to end with an Avengers Movie and not a individual character's movie.

So ANT MAN IS A VERY IMPORTANT MOVIE AS HE ALSO WILL BE IN [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) , especially that it is reported that both HOWARD STARK AND AGENT CARTER ARE BOTH IN ANT MAN! We might just see Captain America's blood show up again in this movie!


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