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Adam Armstrong

As someone already posted on here, there is a theory that The Evil Queen from Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and Mother Gothel from Disney' s "Tangled" could actually be the SAME PERSON!!!!! I agree with half of that theory but I have a theory of my own.

I personally think that the two villianesses are blood relatives. In fact I think they're sisters. Here's why....

1. Ties to Medieval Times

There is no dobut that Snow White and The Evil Queen are from the Medieval/Renaissance period. In fact that is the time period that people tend to associate the Snow White story with. In terms of the story of "Rapunzel" it is a known fact that the Disney's take on that story is set during the late 1700s in Germany. But according to the creative team behind "Tangled", Gothel's costume is based on garments that are 400 years predating the events of the film. The fact that Mother Gothel is a few hundred years old is not impossible.

2. Looks are Everything!

Even I, when I first saw "Tangled", did not see the similarities in appearance between Gothel and Snow White's stepmother. But now that I think about it, they look very much alike. They both have black hair, same eye color and skin tone. The fact that they could be sisters could actually be true.

3. Intentions to be Beautiful...

Everyone knows the phrase it runs in the family. Both The Queen and Gothel will do anything to be beautiful and young forever. The Queen was willing to get ugly in order to dispose of her rival. Though Gothel was not willing to do the same, she did take more extreme measures to stay beautiful, and that was to steal an innocent baby from her rightful parents because the child's hair held the same power as the previous source of her youth. So the obbesion with beauty and vanity could actually run in the family.

So what do you think? Could The Evil Queen and Mother Gothel actually be sisters?


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