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"The lights are on, the box is locked, its robot fighting time!" Tonight we saw the premiere revival of the great robot fighting league known as Battlebots. I grew up watching this and I was excited to see how the revival would turn out. This is my review of how I saw the pros and cons of the premiere:

Pro: Former Competitors

In this one episode we saw 3 former competitors: Warhead, Nightmare, and the creator of Tentomushi (giant ladybug) entering with a new robot.

Although Warhead and nightmare had pretty disappointing fights, tentomushi's successor Plan X had an amazing night in the box.

Con: Commentators (sorry)

What I didn't like was the channel change; comedy central had great charisma and funny commentators who did amazing play-by-play and knew when to stop talking and watch the fight. These new guys were not that funny and when a big fight hit happened, a couple times the camera switched to a poorly positioned shot of the commentators reaction to the hit. No offence but we people don't care how they react to the fight, only on whats going on in the fight. They can do a quick shot to the robot creators on how they are taking the hit, but the majority of the footage should be on the fight itself.

Pro: At least they kept the nugget

Con: No weight classes

Its not really a con or a surprise that there are no weight classes for this season; mainly because the season is only 6 episodes. If they get renewed for a new season they will most likely bring back the weight classes from the original series so we can see a wider variety of robots.


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