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As is known to most of superhero lovers, Captain America is one of the most popular Avengers and the epitome of bravery and justice. No wonder, lots of cosplayers would want to cosplay him, who wouldn’t want to cosplay The Cap?

Many cosplayers learned how to sew on their own. Most of them started by looking at tons of tutorials online and copying them such as this. So whenever you look at a costume and want to try your hand at sewing don’t be discouraged- take it as a challenge! It’s really worth it especially when you get to wear something you made to an event.

As an anime fan and cosplayer, I’ve always wanted to know how cosplay companies make their costumes. Is it by machine? Is it by bulk? So imagine my excitement when I got invited to tour CosplaySky’s cosplay facility in China! They are one of the leading providers of high quality cosplay costumes all over the world.

I have to tell you beforehand that this tutorial will benefit those who already know how to sew their own costumes. However, if you are still starting then this can be a source of inspiration for you. Here I’ll show you how you can make your own Captain America costume in a step by step basis.

Now let’s take a look at their facility and see how they make this Captain America costume.

The CosplaySky facility

The production facility is located in a four storey building. You can really tell that people are busy but are enjoying their work. The environment was pretty light and not heavy, you can hear upbeat music from the speakers. I think it's to encourage the staff to be productive. The staff themselves is very friendly and answered my every question.

I saw an array of costumes from different anime and movie characters! There was Elsa's gown and even Sailor Moon's sailor senshi suit. I wish I could just take all of them but alas, I cannot so I just ogled at their splendor.

Designing and production

The master of paper pattern for CosplaySky's costumes is very experienced as he can tell right away what kind of material is used with just a glance at a movie costume. Which cloth will make a good material for the suit as well as how it will hold up. Take this picture for example. This is Chris Evan's Captain America: Age of Ultron Suit.

As you can see there are many details in the costume. The designer is very specific when it comes to designing and picking out the materials and cloth. This is to ensure that all of their costumes will match the person's silhouette no matter what size and will have that high quality feel like that in the picture.

Things that you will need:

Before I tell you my journey on making a Captain America costume, there are all the things you’ll need if you want to make your own at home:

Cloth (make sure you pick the right kind and color, thick spandex cloth or leatherette should be fine)

Shearing scissors


Dress form


Needle for sewing


Sewing machine

Step 1: Measuring the costume.

They make use of a dress form for measurements. The manual measurements are based on a typical Westerner’s body; however you can also put in your own measurements so that your costumes can be adjusted according to your size. Wouldn’t that be great? Ask for help when you are having trouble taking your measurements. There are Youtube tutorials on how you can make your own dress form. Here is a reference picture which shows how their paper pattern maker draws the structure lines of Cap. America suit:

Step 2: Creating the pattern of the costume.

When it comes to creating and drawing the patterns, they just don’t do it randomly. I was kind of surprised at how high-tech their machines and electronics are. They are using both the computer and the CAD graph plotter in order to come up with accurate measurements. It’s a machine in where they can design the costumes and I’ve heard it’s pretty expensive. Well, if they are to deliver high quality costumes then of course they’d use up-to-date machinery.

I was told that the Captain America: each Age of Ultron costume is composed of 109 parts for the top, 50 for the pants and another 3 for the feet. It’s that many!

You can also create them yourselves by using your dress form. Bear in mind that the patterns need to have an allowance of at least 1-1/2 inches since that’s where you will sew them.

Step 3: Printing out the layout of the costume.

It’s printing time! This is one big and heavy printer!

This is a CAD graph plotter. It looks sophisticated, but an experienced designer will be able to come up with exact details and parts for the costume in just a few hours.

Once the design is done in the CAD graph plotter, it will be printed out in this printer using special paper. I think I can create a silhouette of myself and it can print it there in one piece.

Excited to find out more about the production? The best part is next, the assembly and sewing of the costume! Check out the part 2 of this article!

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