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Since it is Father's Day, I decided to write an article on men in the DCU who are Superhero Father's or are the father of Superheroes (sometimes having both apply). Even though this group of Father's are superheroes, their lifestyles show that they aren't necessarily the best role-models for their children. without further ado, here is my list of 10 superheroes who are also Father's in no particular order of importance:

1. Barry Allen (Flash II)- Barry had met and became engaged to his future wife Iris West (Aunt to Wally West) before he became the second Flash. He tried to hide his secret from her, but she eventually found out since he talked in his sleep. She eventually also found out that she was from the future and returned there after becoming pregnant with Barry's twin children. This makes him not only their father, but their great (however many times) grandfather as well.

2. Arthur Curry/Orion (Aquaman)- Aquaman was raised by his Father until he became a young man and set out on his own. This is when he met Kako and had a son by her unbeknownst to him. He later became king of Atlantis and had another son with his wife, Mara, and was very happy until his half-brother (Ocean Master) killed his son in order to deny him lasting happiness.

3. Roy Harper (Red Arrow/Arsenal)- Roy has a Daughter with Jade from his time working in Japan with the Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI). He didn't know about her until Jade was arrested and confessed that he had a child with her. He thus became a single Father overnight.

4. Bruce Wayne (Batman)- Bruce is an Adoptive Father to Dick Grayson (Robin/Nightwing), as well as the Biological Father of Damian Wayne (whom he fathered with Talia Al Ghul). He did a fairly good job raising Dick as robin, but has had a rough time trying to teach Damian right from wrong after he was raised from infancy to be an assassin by his grandfather, Ra's Al Ghul and his Mother.

5. Jefferson Pierce (Black Lightning)- Jefferson is an Olympic Athlete who later became a teacher and husband to an unnamed woman who gave him a Daughter before he became a founding member of the Outsiders and she divorced him taking his daughter with her. Jefferson was content knowing his family was safe until his Daughter came back into his life and told him she wanted to become a Superhero as well. He objected, wanting her to finish College and have a normal life, but she went against his wishes (although waiting until after College to do so) and became the heroine known as Thunder.

6. James W. Gordon - Although not a Superhero himself, James has helped Batman over the years in his crusade against the criminals of Gotham city and he is the Father of James Jr. (With his wife Barbara Gordon, who divorced him and left with their son), as well as the Adoptive Father of Barbara Gordon (who was Bat-girl before being crippled by the Joker and moving to Metropolis, re-inventing herself as Oracle).

7. Oliver Queen (Green Arrow)- In the comics Oliver has always been known as a playboy and has several children by different women, as well as adopted children. In the comics, unlike in the TV show "Arrow", Roy Harper (see Red Arrow above) is the adopted son of Oliver Queen, Oliver also had a son named Robert with Shado in the comics and is the Father of Conner Hawke (Green Arrow II) whom he sired with Sandra Moonday Hawke. Sadly, he and the love of his life Dinah Lance (Black Canary) have never had a child together.

8. Jonah Hex - According to the DC Encyclopedia I have, even though Jonah was born in the late 1830's, he somehow traveled in time to the year 2050. He met and married a woman living in that time named Mei Ling who gave him a son. He decided to give up gun-fighting for good, but had to kill several men who came after him forcing Mei Ling to take their son and leave. Jonah then returned to the old west and was killed by a bank robber. His body was stuffed and put on display in an amusement park on the outskirts of New York City.

9. Clark Kent- Although Clark and his wife, Lois Lane-Kent haven't been blessed with a child of their own yet, He has taken on the role of Father to Christopher Kent (The son of General Zod and Ursa), despite his history with the boy's parents. Christopher goes to school like any other kid does and he wears a special watch which dampens his powers so he is basically exactly that, a normal kid.

10. Crispus Allen (Spectre)- He is one of the most unsettling examples of a Father on my list due to the fact that although He and his wife had two sons together and raised them while he worked as a Police Officer, once he was murdered and became the Spectre he had to take one of his own son's life in vengence for his son murdering the corrupt Officer who had killed him.

There you have them, folks. Ten Superheroes who are also Fathers. How many of them did you know had children? How many were a surprise? Comment below or follow me on Twitter if you like @jdseigars.


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