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We're all convinced that we should watch GOT. Your geeky friends can't stop talking about it, movie reviewer, magazines,TV,...It's so annoying that we don't understand all the jokes, the memes and the references,...

So, you're probably wondering is it too late to start watching GOT and catch up with the world? No, it's not. You can begin your journey now, by reading this post

1, Don't read the books

You're already late to the party don't waste your time. Furthermore, the books are totally mind fuck, you won't understand a thing. And you haven't watched the show by now that means you won't be interested in the books. Don't waste your time.

2,You will need something to make sure that you remember all the characters name

Kudos to the person who make this
Kudos to the person who make this

and this : GOT wikia :

3, OK. Now get your binge on: 55minx10epx5season approximately 48 hour=2 days. That means a week to binge

Where can you binge it? HBO GO, Netflix, Hulu

And for those who are not in the US, you can torrent it on kickass or thepiratebay

Happy watching!!!


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