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Dan Barker

I usually get annoyed when Marvel or DC cast an actor to play a character but change actor half way through a series of films. for example, in the Tim Burton Batman quadrilogy the main actor who plays Batman changes throughout. e.g. Batman: Michael Keaton

Batman Returns: Michael Keaton

Batman Forever: Val Kilmer

Batman & Robin: George Clooney.

The movies appear to be linked as in Batman and Batman Returns he is alone, in the following film, Batman Forever, he meets Robin and in the final film, Batman & Robin, he and Robin are officially together. Also the actors remain the same, Robin is always played by Chris O'Donnell and Alfred is always played by Michael Gough. Plus the music score remains the same throughout all four films if not, similar and is always done by Danny Elfman.

That is what annoys me. If however, they do a series of fillms that are linked, like the Dark Knight trilogy and then recast Batman and other characters AFTER the series is done, that is fine. So the Dark Knight trilogy is fine and I personally, am more than happy with the new Batman being Ben Affleck because the Dark Knight films are finished, Batman died at the end, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad and the rumoured stand-alone Batman film are not in anyway linked to the Dark Knight which is why I feel that it is fine to recast, Batman and The Joker. Also Man of Steel was not a sequel to Superman Returns so it is fine to recast.

Also, Hugh Jackman is doing his final film as Wolverine soon but I am fine with that because although it will be sad to see him go, the series of what will then be 8 films would of finished sou they can recast. Even though it is going to be so weird seeing somebody play Wolverine, because I grew up with him as Wolverine, it will still be fine because those series of films would of ended and that story would of closed. I there is a stand-alone Wolverine/X-Men remake film it would be fine to recast because it is not part of that story.

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